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  1. I’ve been fishing on the Holston river below cherokee dam and just wanted to get some tips on wht they’ve really been hitting on good.Smallmout,also been fishing in byerielys bend

  2. Hey Jim, give me just a bit of time and I will send this out to a few folks and see if we can hear anything back, thanks for posting.

  3. The Tackle Shack said: The smallmouth are hitting jigs and shiners . The hybrid are hitting rapala f5 in fire tiger .. Shell crackers are doing well. White bass still doing okay with periods of feeding. This is a bait shop and they provide fishing reports for Cherokee. Also another addition below

  4. Michael Cox said: Try fishing tungsten bead pheasant tails and caddis pupae patterns on the bottom of the fast riffles. Use 5x fluorocarbon tippets and you should catch plenty of fat fish.
    Hope some of this helps.

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