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Josh Morris is a tournament bass angler and an ambassador for FLW. He is on the water two to three times per week. Some of his information comes from the good folks at Barren Outdoors.

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He is sponsored on the tournament circuit by Barren Outdoors, Psycho Fishing Lures, G Loomis, Shimano and Freddie’s Dugout. And a contributor to the Barren River Blog



Barren River Lake Kentucky KY Fishing Report:  16 Aug 2017

Hello folks I hope all is well with you, and the dog days of summer have not gotten you frustrated.  I spent today with Leslie, which is always a pleasure, in the Word, and on and off in Prayer.  After dinner I went to the pond to work on my finesse game.  I absolutely do not like finesse fishing. I love pitching a jig and breaking jaws.  My will always tends to gravitate to power fishing.  However our will isn’t always what is best for us.  On or off the lake. Sometimes to produce the fruit that is best in our lives we have to get out of our comfort zone.  This is particularly hard for me.  To admit a change is necessary, a weakness or a fault is hard.  However loosing a tournament or not producing for Gods will is way more detramental to us. I caught fish tonight in a way that is not parrticurly fun for me, now catching fish is always fun.  The old fairy wand simply bores me, but I caught fish.  God is this way with us.  He has worked on me spiritually and professionally today.  Through seeking him he shown me his will and has gotten me past a huge road block that I had no idea was even a road block.   I talk all the time about fishing to your confidence and I still believe you should.  However don’t let that stop you from trying a new technique and don’t let it keep you from trusting it will produce as well or better.  We must always be adaptive. Willing to learn, and willing to fail while learning.  It starts for me by looking in the mirror.  Examine truly where are my weak points as a fisherman and a Christian. Then working to make them better.  It is a struggle I admit.  But if we are struggling that means we are reaching for something better, that we have not given up.  If at first you don’t succeed you got to try and try again.  Failure is not defeat, it’s a stepping stone towards growth.

Now let’s talk about the fish.

Bass are still hard to pattern.  Finesse is the most effective style right now.  Drop shots and the bigger NED rigs are producing.  You can stop in at Barren Outdoors and Todd can put you on the right one.  Also don’t forget the Skeleton Cup no entry fee tournament is September 30 this year.  You can get with me or Todd Logsdon for details.

Hybrids are still being caught around the islands.  Live bait is best.

Crappie are in brush about 12 feet deep. Bobby Garland jigs and live minnows are good.  Also under the lights at night is producing.

Catfish are good at night cut bait works well.  Or Liver.

I hope all of you are well.  I hope all of you catch some fish this weekend.
God Bless!

Nick Carey and family fishing barren River lake






02 Aug 2017

As another weekend rapidly approaches the fishing at on Barren River Lake continues to be hit or miss.  High pressure last weekend made for some tuff conditions.  I hit the water with the talented Leslie Kidd of Leslie Kidd photography to do some much needed photos.  The fish were few, and far between.  Downsizing has been the trick for bass.  drop shoting has produced some good catches as of late, and the bigger NED rig as well.  When conditions get like this it is never bad idea to throw the Carolina Rig either.

I have been blessed to pick up a couple more sponsors over the last few days Jackall and Power Pro line. The flick shake worm is a killer drop shot bait and in a green pumpkin color is hard to beat on Barren.  I am excited about our new venture and hope you folks all check them out.


Also The GLoomis cup date is set for September 30th on Barren river Lake this is a free tournament with great pay outs.  For more information you can contact Todd at Barren Outdoors in Glasgow KY. (270)629-4867 Or you can call or text me @ (270)590-4725.


Bass can still be caught on the main lake points and on bluffs.  Drop shots, plastic worms, Carolina Rigs, and Jigs are all producing.


Hybrids are still doing good between the islands Live shad or shiners are best.


Crappie are doing well at night under lights.  Good numbers are being caught on live minnows.

As always thank you all for reading! Good Luck and God Bless!









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