Watts Bar Local Angler Report


Thanks to Mike Jenkins, we are going to try to do a local angler report and he is going to start us off. He fishes mostly for cats and will try to send some information as often as he can, but we need your help. If you fish in Tennessee, send us in a fishing report, we’ll put it in a page. Our email is, and thanks again Mike.


Watts Bar Lake Tennessee Fishing Report:  19 April 2017

Thanks to the Tennessee Man, we have a new fishing report for Watts Bar

Watts Bar report Bass bite was best I’ve had in 30 years fishing plastics was key all day long. Over 100 bass in 4 days

Crappie bite was different everyday on Watts Bar. Some caught drifting, some suspended on tree tops 20 ft and some shallow

Smallmouth were hammering schools of bait