Watts Bar Lake by the TWRA


Watts Bar Lake Tennessee report by TWRA Region III with the data coming from Huntfishbuddy


Watts Bar Lake Fishing Report:  03 May 2016

Watts Bar

The lake is about one foot below summer elevation.

Tailwater anglers are catching several species on live and artificial bait including black bass, striped bass, white bass, walleye, crappie, catfish, and sauger.

Crappies have spawned for the most part. Brush in deeper water in the creeks are a location worth targeting. Minnows or jigs can be used.

Plastic worms, jigs, and spinnerbaits are being used as well as a few other baits primarily in the shallow bays and pockets for largemouth bass.

Smallmouths tend to be slightly deeper near rocky areas.

Bluegills are shallow and worms or crickets are being used.

Water temperature is in the 70’s.




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26 April 2016

Watts Bar:

Reservoir Conditions: Summer normal elevation: 740.5 feet. Winter normal elevation: 736.0 feet. Current elevation: 739.1 feet. The water surface temperature is 72 degrees.

Largemouth Bass: Bass are spawning. Some nice fish are being caught shallow. Most bass being caught are smaller males. Plastic worms, spinnerbaits, and lipless crankbaits are being used most often.

Smallmouth Bass: Some anglers are catching several smallmouths along rocky banks leading into shallow coves and bays. Crankbaits are being used by most of these anglers.

Walleye/Sauger: A few anglers are catching a few fish while trolling crankbaits or bouncing jigs along the bottom.

Crappie: Many crappies have spawned. Use minnows or jigs tight in deeper brush.

Catfish: Meaty baits including shad used in the creeks and river is a combination being used to catch catfish.

Striped bass: A few fish are being caught in the Clinch River and the upper Tennessee above I-75. Shad is the best bait.