Watts Bar Lake by the TWRA


Watts Bar Lake Tennessee report by TWRA Region III with the data coming from Huntfishbuddy


Watts Bar Lake Fishing Report:  29 July 2014

Watts Bar:  Reservoir Conditions: Summer normal elevation: 740.5 feet. Winter normal elevation: 736.0 feet. Current elevation: 740.8 feet. The water surface temperature is upper 70’s and lower 80’s depending on time of day and location.

Largemouth Bass: Slower than in previous weeks. Main channel and open water secondary structure locations associated with summer patterns are being targeted with plastic worms, jigs, and

Smallmouth Bass: These bass are being caught in the same areas as largemouth, night hours may increase the chances of catching a smallmouth.

Crappie:Fish under lights at night with jigs or minnows.

Catfish:Main channel drifters using shad or other meaty alternatives are catching a lot of fish. Some Ft. Loudon Dam tailwater anglers are catching as many as 50 catfish in a morning. Salad shrimp from Ingles was offering being given to the catfish by a successful angler.

Striped bass:Tailwaters are the main area to target with anything as long it is a shad. The numbers are not as strong as last week. Many 6 and 7 pound fish are being caught.






 23 July 2014

Watts Bar:
Reservoir Conditions: Summer normal elevation: 740.5 feet. Winter normal elevation: 736.0 feet. Current elevation: 741.2 feet. The water surface temperature is in the low 80’s.

Largemouth Bass: Scattered between summer locations which include open water areas typically used in the summer and some shallow areas. Runoffs are areas where shallow fish are being caught. Use the bait that fits the water being fished. Plastic worms, topwater lures, crank baits and spoons are the most popular choices.

Smallmouth Bass: Most are being caught on the main lake while using slow rolled spinnerbaits, jigs, and crank baits. Night or low light seems to increase the odds.

Walleye: A few night anglers are catching walleye in the tailwaters while trolling crank baits.

Crappie: Mostly night light anglers in open secondary water by those using minnows.

Catfish: Drifters are catching many on meaty baits in the main channel.

Striped bass: Some anglers are catching just a few and a few anglers are catching many. Everyday is different in the tailwaters and current is favorable most times. One recent day before the current started an out of state angler and his party caught over 40 stripers up to 30 pounds. Most were 6 and 7 pounders. Jigs and shad are being used for bait.

White Bass: Main lake humps and spinner-type lures are being used in the mid lake to catch a lot of fish.