Nickajack Lake Local Angler Report


We are calling this Nickajack Lake Tennessee TN Local Angler Fishing Report. Our friends at has a follower that will help with fishing reports, Jasen King. This page is for the local anglers to send us a report at and help other anglers in Tennessee.


Fishing Report:  16 June 2016

Jasen King sent in:

Lately the gizzard shad are thick at the boils and the catfish are biting fairly well…..most have been in pretty shallow….4-10ft… the stripe have started moving in after the “rockfish” or white bass….whichever you prefer have just ran the first time this year……all in all the fishing is pretty good…..the bass seem to be biting and the crappie are picking up and the bluegill are always on the go this time of year…