TWRA Dale Hollow Report


Dale Hollow Lake Fishing Report by TWRA, report by creel clerks and located at Huntfishbuddy


Dale Hollow Lake Tennessee Fishing Report:    14 April 2014

Dale Hollow:
Fishing is great.
Water temperature is 57;
lake is slowly rising.

Smallmouth: Lots of smallmouth are being caught on jerkbaits, slimbaits and A-rigs in 5-to-15 feet of water on gravel banks.

Largemouth: Fishing is excellent on jigs and swimbaits and A-rigs while fishing in the creeks around cover in 2-to-5 feet of water.

Walleye: Several walleye are being caught on points using jerkbaits and A-rigs in 5-10 feet of water.

Crappie: A few crappie are being caught on minnows in the back of the creeks in willow bushes in 2 feet of water.





08 April 2014

Dale Hollow Fishing Report:
Reservoir Conditions
Fishing is fabulous!
The reservoir is slowly rising and current water temps are 54 degrees which is up slightly from the previous week.

Smallmouth bass: Fishing for smallmouth bass is great with lots of smallmouth bass being caught on Alabama type rigs, swim baits and jerkbaits in 5-12’’ of water on gravel banks and points. Smallmouth bass should be feeding heavy in anticipation for the upcoming spawning season which will take place during the next few weeks as water temperatures range between 59–64 degrees.

Largemouth bass: Fishing is great currently. Lots of largemouth bass are being caught which has also been reflected in recent tournament weigh-ins.  Many are being caught on the Alabama type rigs, jerkbaits, spinner baits and jigs which have been effective while fishing in 2-10’ of water in shallow pockets near bushes and fallen woody cover.

Crappie: Fishing has been fair. The most success right now is realized while fishing minnows near willow bushes and laydowns in shallow water. Crappie should be entering the full swing of their spawning season.

Walleye: Some walleye are being caught above East Port while fishing jigs in 4-10’ of water.