Chickamauga lake Tennessee fishing reports from TWRA creel clerks and the information is located at Huntfishbuddy


Chickamauga Lake Fishing Report:  26 Aug 2015

Chickamauga Reservoir: Reservoir Conditions: Summer normal elevation: 682.0 feet.  Winter normal elevation: 676.0 feet.  Current elevation: 682.9 feet. The water surface temperature is 82 degrees.

Largemouth Bass: Many anglers are not catching a lot of fish. A few big fish are being caught. Plastic worms are being used by many anglers. Some spots along the river are holding fish. Some fish are being caught in the deeper holes in the sloughs.

Smallmouth Bass: A few fish are being caught along the river banks around rocky points.

Crappie: Night anglers are catching a few crappie near lights while using jigs or minnows.
Some crappie are being caught around docks during the day.

Striped bass: Tailwater fishermen are catching some fish while using shad.

Bluegill: Worms used in the upper river along the bottom and around any deep rocky bank are combinations for catching bluegill.

Catfish: River drifters are catching several fish and big fish at times while drifting the main channel with a variety of baits. Current will increase the odds of a successful trip.

White Bass: Surface schoolers can be caught in several areas of the lake. Many of the larger creeks are  where anglers are catching fish. Upper reservoir river white bass are being caught in the breaks at times. Surface poppers are good baits.


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18 Aug 2015

Chickamauga Reservoir: Reservoir Conditions: Summer normal elevation: 682.0 feet. Winter normal elevation: 676.0 feet. Current elevation: 682.3 feet. The water surface temperature is 83 degrees.

Largemouth Bass: Grass ledges and flats close to deep water are the type of areas being targeted by those anglers using plastic worms, jigs, swimbaits and buzzbaits. A few rat fish are being caught.

Smallmouth Bass: Some upper reservoir fish are being caught by just a few anglers using jigs and crankbaits.

Crappie: Minnows or jigs are being used around bluff walls, deep brush and boat docks. Most of these areas are close to deep water.

Striped Bass: Shad is the best bait. Tailwater anglers are catching several fish when the current is favorable.

Bluegill: Upper river drifters are catching a lot of bluegill along the bottom. A lot of bluegill are being caught near rock walls. Worms are the best bait.

Catfish: Meaty baits are being used in the main channel. A lot of fish can be caught when the current is favorable.