Chickamauga lake Tennessee fishing reports from TWRA creel clerks and the information is located at Huntfishbuddy


Chickamauga Lake Fishing Report:   18 Jan 2017

Chickamauga Reservoir

Reservoir Conditions: Summer normal elevation: 682.0 feet. Winter normal elevation: 676.0 feet. Current elevation: 676.7. The water surface temperature is 51 degrees. Time of day and area will result in various temperatures.

Largemouth Bass: Many anglers reported difficult fishing for Sunday. Thursday was a good day for many. Several anglers limited out on crappie and at least 3 bass that were caught were over 9 pounds. The “Rig” and jerkbaits were the main lures that were used. 12 feet of water to very shallow was the range of water targeted.

Smallmouth Bass: Some fish were caught in the upper and lower reservoir. Jerkbaits were used by many while fishing the main lake banks.

Crappie: River anglers found schools of fish in isolated areas along the bank. Jigs were primarily used, but there were a few minnow dippers.

Striped bass: Some striped bass were caught in all areas of the lake. Only a few reports though. These anglers were using the rig, swimbaits and shad.

Bluegill: Bottom fishermen were catching fish in the main creek channels with less effort than other areas. Worms were the most used bait.

Sauger/Walleye: No observations in recent days.

Catfish: Only a few anglers were targeting catfish, but live bait worked for a few fishing the main channel.





11 Jan 2017

Chickamauga Reservoir: Cold weather is limiting the number of anglers on the water.

Reservoir Conditions: Summer normal elevation: 682.0 feet. Winter normal elevation: 676.0 feet. Current elevation: 677.3 feet. The water surface temperature is 45 degrees.

Largemouth Bass: Some fish are being caught. Look for the gulls and fish in that area. Jerkbaits and the rig are being used. When fishing in areas where gulls are not present; target points, bluff walls and open water in the creeks.

Smallmouth Bass: Slow. Some tailwater fish are being caught while using live bait.

Crappie: Bluff walls, deep river banks, and areas where bait fish can be found in the deeper water are locations being targeted. Some good size crappies are being caught by just a few anglers. Use minnows or jigs.

Striped bass: No observations or reports.

Bluegill: Bank anglers are catching a few fish while fishing along the bottom. Most are fishing creek channels with worms.

Catfish: No reports or observations.