Chickamauga lake Tennessee fishing reports from TWRA creel clerks and the information is located at Huntfishbuddy


Chickamauga Lake Fishing Report:  06 May 2015

Chickamauga Reservoir: Reservoir Conditions: Summer normal elevation: 682.0 feet. Winter normal elevation: 676.0 feet. Current elevation: 681.3 feet. The water surface temperature is near 70 degrees on average.

Largemouth Bass: The majority are shallow. Some are bedding. Creature lures, topwater lures, and spinnerbaits are the most used baits.

Smallmouth Bass: Most tailwater anglers are not catching many fish.

Crappie: The majority of the fish are being caught 8 to 10 feet deep on minnows or jigs. Several fish are being caught.

Striped bass: Tailwater activity is increasing. Several are being caught by bass anglers using the “Rig”.

Bluegill: Shallow fish are being caught while using worms or crickets in the shallows.

Catfish: Shallow fish are being caught. Some river fish are being caught, but many of these are close to rocky banks. Chicken parts, shad, and other meaty baits are being used.


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27 April 2015

Chickamauga Reservoir:  Reservoir Conditions: Summer normal elevation: 682.0 feet.  Winter normal elevation: 676.0 feet.  Current elevation: 682.2 feet. The water surface temperature is 65 degrees.

Largemouth Bass: Some anglers are catching several fish, but most are reporting that fishing is slow. Spinnerbaits, topwater lures, and plastic worms seem to be the best baits. Many fish are bedding.

Smallmouth Bass: Most anglers are reporting slow conditions

Crappie: Shallow crappie are more difficult to find. Many are moving into deeper areas. Most seem to have already spawned. Jigs or minnows may be used.

Striped bass: Some recent tailwater anglers casting the rig while bass fishing caught many stripers.

Bluegill: Shallow water fishermen using worms or crickets are catching a lot of bluegill.

Catfish: River drifters are catching fish close to the bank. Many shallow water fishermen are catching catfish in the sloughs. Meaty baits are being used by everyone. Shad, nightcrawlers, and chicken parts are examples.