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Rowland and Zerick Win

B.A.I.T. TN-II on Watts Bar

            Saturday, September 28, 2013 turned out to be a nice early fall day. Eleven boats showed up to compete in B.A.I.T. TN-II’s last tournament of the season. First place honors went to the team of Cliff Rowland and Dan Zerick with four fish weighing 14.05 lbs. They netted $430.00 for their efforts. Second place went to the team of Jack Dunaway and Randy Harris with 11.88 lbs. worth $200.00.


Largemouth lunker went to the team of Cliff Rowland and Dan Zerick weighing 4.03 lbs. and was worth $70.00. Only one lunker was paid.


Congratulations to the Angler of the Year team of John Swallows and Gilbert Geren. They received two Dixie Custom Rods for winning!!


Thanks to all our sponsors – Tracker Marine and Bass Pro Shops, Bunch Marine, Mimic Lures, Jerry’s Bait shop, and Dixie Custom Rods. Without all of them it would not be possible. No one won the Bunch Marine Contingency money, but maybe they will next time. Remember – If you win and you are fishing out of a Bunch Marine Boat and meet all requirements you could win $500 in store credit.


I am currently working on next year’s schedule and I will have it out soon! We hope you will come out and join us! Our Classic this year will be on Douglas Lake October 11th – 12th, 2013. Check our website for more details For more info contact Sunny DeFOE at 865-679-2233 or Tim Kimsey at 865-556-5085.

Angler of the Year - Gilbert Geren (left) and John Swallows (right) 1st and LM Lunker - Dan Zerick (left) Cliff Rowland (right)