Why a Custom Rod


Why would I buy a custom rod?

We see many rods that are called custom and you can have one shipped to you or pick one up at a local retailer, however, this is not the definition of custom that I am using. The way that I am defining custom is that through our discussion, we will come up with a rod that you design and I shall built it according to your needs and wants.

When you purchase a pre-made rod, you are using the standard size grip in diameter and length. This may be a perfect fit for your application and if it is, that is fantastic. However, a kayak fisherman may want a shorter handle and be less concerned with balance. You may like a smaller or a larger grip as hand sizes are not the same for everyone. I prefer a larger grip on my fly rod so that I do not have a death grip and tire my arm while on the river.

Perhaps grip material is important, there are many to choose from that you can use. You can use Cork, Burl, Foam, Winn Grips, or Carbon Fiber. Each are an excellent choice, but with a custom rod, you have a choice. Some are heavier than others, and weight effect sensitivity. However, the weight can be distributed to help with rod balancing. Again, your choice to fit your needs.

Have you seen the guides that are available? You can go with micro guide, Recoil which do not corrode. Microwaver are available and you can find a video of them online under Microwave Line Control. Guide materials have a broad range and each one of my rods are static tested and casted prior to wrapping any guides.

You will be able to determine which blank you use. I am presently using a light saltwater rod for my personal fishing with a Ned Rig mostly. A couple of anglers saw this and said it would be great for their drop shot needs. Remember with a custom rod, very few limits. My next personal build is a Mag Bass, which is typically seen as a casting rod, however, I will be building this as a spinning. The mag bass casting rod I have is extremely sensitive.

All this said, if you have been unable to get what you want off the rack, send me an email or give me a call. The rod will not be ready in a day or two, however, after we determine what it is that you want, I will order the material and begin the work as it falls in line with other orders. Understand it take a few weeks, depending on work load, however, you will be getting what you want in a fishing rod.

email:  tfr@tnfishingreport.com

phone: 423-366-0556