Pricing for a Custom Rod


What kind of price can I expect to pay for having a custom rod built?

Well, that all depends. Sorry for that answer, but I price each rod according to the cost of the materials and the work that is requested. The more customizing the work, the greater the cost, however, it may suprise you at the prices.

I did a show and had handcrafted rods with me. See Why a Custom Rod to understand the difference. These rods were ones that I had built when I had time and had found a good price on materials. The prices ranged from $75.00 to $250.00. The least expensive being a panfish rod with burl cork and the higher cost rod being a fly rod with feather inlays, cork handle with a small checkerboard pattern.

I can do weave patterns or we can keep it simple, it’s customized to fit your wants and needs. If you have a rod in mind that you would like to get a price on, send me an email or give me a call. I will need to know, rod action, power, length, lure weight that you will be using, and type of rod, spin, casting, fly, also pound test line you will be using. This will be a start and we can discuss, further details after this. Have a great day.


phone: 423-366-0556