About TFR Custom Rods


Welcome to TFR Custom Rods, I will be adding to this page periodically. I built my first fishing rod about 1995, it was a GL3 spinning rod with a Tennessee Handle, I used it until this past year. My next was a GL3 5 wt fly rod, I am still using it today. I have built off and on since that time, but now as I am drawing closer to a retirement age, I am building for more than just friends and family.

I have been licensed through the University of Tennessee to use their logos and trademarks, but these rods are limited as to how many I am allowed to produce per year.

Most of the rods I am building on are MHX blanks, I am able to get other blanks if someone has a preference, however, these blanks are great and I have a few on hand to try. Our warranty is the manufacturers warranty for the blanks, however as far as my work is concerned, a one year warranty for workmanship. If you break the rod, I cannot replace my work, however, we can discuss the price for the labor. I will typically have 15-20 hours in a custom build, this is not due to me being slow, this is due to taking care to produce the best rod with the best appearance I can provide.

I do not use stickers unless they are requested, the workmanship is weaved with thread onto the rod. Please feel free to check out the gallery, I will add more as I get time and I do have a few rods in stock. If interested you can email or call.

Phil Turner