This is my attempt at a Sulfur dry fly, this particular one is a #16. Now I hope if you have any input on my flies that you will add this in the forum there is a fly tying section. Also, if you have your own flies place them in there and let us see what you use. I am still working on the camera focus and there will be more detail as improvement in fly tying skill begins to show. You may not believe it, but I have caught a fish with this fly here, probably a blind trout:

As you can see the blurry camera, I will replace this as I figure out how to take a better picture, please be patient. The tail is about the length of the hook.

For the wings used hackle tips. They appeared too long after the fact, this is a work in progress.

Yellow body with hackle and we have the finished product. Now with this being the first one posted, you can get an idea of what the intentions are for this section. This may have brought you a little laughter and perhaps some ideas to help you with your fishing. Enjoy and more to come as winter arrives in East Tennessee.