Pheasant Tail

This is my version of the pheasant tail. As I have state, I am an amateur when it comes to tying flies, however, this version has been effective in the past on the South Holston River. The camera work is getting better and as the weather gets cooler and I stay indoors more, I should get a little better. If you have any of your own, send us an email through the contact link.


#12 hook with 0.015 lead, about 6 wraps if  I counted correctly. For the tail I used pheasant tail.

Difficult to tell here, however, I wrapped the body with pheasant tail. This is a difficult step for me and usually where I develop a loose body, however, this one ended up ok.

Here at the lead wrap I first tied the pheasant tail then the peacock hurl. The hurl was then wrapped over the lead and tied off, followed by the pheasant tail laying across the top of the peacock hurl and being tied off. Finished up with a head from the thread, nice little rhyme, and cemented. I did put some cement on the top of the pheasant tail that was laying over the peacock hurl.

This is the final product, I will have to let you know how it does. If you have a fly you tie, take some photos and put it in our forum.