My Zebra Midge

I have seen different versions of this when I have searched on the internet so I thought I would include mine here. I am using what I have on hand to make this zebra midge. I have had some success with this and another version where I use gold wire instead of the white thread, I have caught a few and had a couple break it off. Anyway, hope this helps you catch one.

This is  as size 16 hook, kinda big, but the brass head was somewhat large. So the bead would not slip off, I tied in front of the bead then moved to the back.


Using black thread, I tied in white thread, I think size A from my rod building kits, wrapping the black thread to create the body.

The white thread was then wrapped and tied off. After tying off the black thread directly behind the bead, I then applied glue to the entire body. The reasoning behind this is to have my fly last a little longer when I use the forceps to remove the hook.

If you use this fly and it works, let us know, I am like to keep things simple and to use materials I have on hand to see if I can find something that works.