Egg Pattern

This week I purchased some foam and attempted my first egg pattern. The first pic is my first fly, the second (orange) pic is my daughter’s first egg pattern and I agree, it looks better. I will attempt to demonstrate tying an egg pattern, but first with this disclaimer. I am not very good at tying flies, but I enjoy doing this and perhaps this will help someone that may be interested in tying their own flies.

 my first    my daughter’s first

  #14 hook, light yellow thread, any neutral color.

  Foam placed on opposite side of hook, then wrap thread.

 After wrap was complete.

 second foam piece, wrap on opposite side of first piece.

  Second foam piece wrapped.

 After wrapping second piece, between foam, move to the front, pull back the foam and tie off the thread. Some folks use a whip finish, I cannot seem to get that, I just half hitch a couple of times, and I will add small amount of cement on the thread.

 Bottom piece was cut, next pic will demonstrate pulling foam to cut.

 Pull foam and cut.

 This is my finished egg. I like it, just hope that the trout do. If you have any comments good or bad, go to the forum and let me know something. I am also going to put in a few more pics under random flies, different color eggs.