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Guided Fly Fishing in Tennessee and Beyond                    

Rocky Top Anglers is a professional fly fishing guide service located in east Tennessee. We specialize in guided fly fishing drift boat float trips and wade fishing excursions to the best destinations in the southeast. We offer our guided fly fishing trips year round covering these great rivers – Clinch River – Holston River – Hiwassee River  – Cumberland River – Caney Fork River – and more.

Rocky Top Angler will provide reports for the rivers they are fishing during that time period, check under rivers for reports. They take their clients where the fish are most active.

Contact: Michael ” Rocky” Cox



Clinch River Fishing Report:  24 June 2017

Clinch River. This may be the toughest river around to pattern right now, but the fishing is well worth the trouble. TVA has an active project going on at the dam this year, replacing one of the turbines I believe. So, the flow schedules have been supplemented with spilling (during the heavy run off from April storms) and sluicing. Heavy rains meant moving water downstream and TVA had their hands full this spring. Now, the other operational turbine has gone down and TVA is limited to sluicing for the foreseeable future. So far, it looks like they’ll be running a constant 4500 cfs through the sluice, which we can work with. The river is still very cold and the fish are fat and sassy.


     The question most people are asking the most is “are the sulphurs hatching”? The short answer is yes, but they’re not coming off in the numbers we like to see. I’m not sure if it’s because the high water, warm winter or what. For whatever reason, the hatch just hasn’t been very full. The fish are eating sulphurs and sulphur nymphs just fine, but midge patterns (dry and wet) are accounting for a lot more fish. Streamer fishing has been very good all spring and we’ve had a few dandies caught on streamers.