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Enjoy fishing in Pickwick Tennessee or anywhere in the Pickwick area with an experienced area guide. We will take you on a guided fishing trip for Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass, White Bass, Stripers (Rockfish), Catfish, Sauger, and other Tennessee River fish. We take individuals and groups.We do half days and whole days. We provide all the tackle for the trip. We also provide drinks but your welcome to bring your own.
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Pickwick Lake Tennessee TN Fishing Report:    17 Oct 2017

Pickwick Lake Elevation 413.5

Water Temp. 77


When bass fishing early in the morning, don’t forget about the grass beds in the lake. Over the past few weeks we have caught a large number of fish in and around those beds using the Strike King Spit N King top water baits .  The easiest way to fish the grass with this bait is to just work it around the edges of the grass and not in the middle. I like to use a Lews medium action rod and reel to work these baits with. Lews medium rods are perfect for gaining the most action you can out of these lures. Sometimes you can catch good fish in the middle of the grass beds but you will need to switch to a weedless frog.  There are a lot of shallow areas visible from the Pickwick Dam that have grass just under the water surface and these areas usually hold a lot of fish and are easy to fish baits over the top of them without getting tangled in the grass every cast.  You can also fish a creature bait through these areas on a weighted hook or texas rig and this method sometimes works throughout the day. The deep water humps and ledges are still holding good fish right now. In the deeper water throw a deep diving crank bait or a heavy spinner bait. Stike King has a 1oz spinnerbait that is a hot lure on Pickwick, Bay Springs and other lakes would be good lakes using this heavier spinnerbait as well.



The Strike King “Spit N King” has been an all around great top water with stripers and bass in the Tennessee River below the Pickwick Dam.  Popping this feathered tail bait attracts  fish in the area that are actively feeding on the surface.  If you are after stripers and you have already caught a few big ones on the top water baits you might want to switch over to a jerk bait because you can usually hold on to the fish longer with a jerk bait.  Right now you can find small stripers busting the surface all day but the bigger stripers will be in deeper water after the first few hours of daylight. Throughout the middle of the day you will need to switch to a live bait rig and drift downstream with a live minnow on a bait hook.  If you can catch skip jack minnows in the river for this method of fishing you will be more successful catching good stripers but you can use minnows from a bait store. The store bought minnows usually produces fish if the natural bait are not present below the dam. I only fish with Lews rods and reels below the dam for stripers. I’ve stripped out a lot of other reels fishing for these large aggressive fish but Lews reels are strong enough to hold up to years of catching a lot of big fish.



We have caught several catfish drifting the Dyna-Bites in 25-30” of water. I hear livers  and shad gutts are very produtive baits as well right now from other catfishermen.  This is also a good time of year to fish a little deeper, you may improve the size of catfish your catching.



For an online report you can go to TWRA website . You can access it through my website and you can also go there to access TVAs website and by doing so it will take you straight to Pickwick lake.

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03 Oct 2017

Pickwick Lake Elevation 414

Water Temp. 71


With the generation flow and a lot of time on the water lately I have been able to produce a large number of bass over the last two weeks. Anytime it is over cast and plenty of water flowing from Pickwick Dam you can pick up several bass on top water baits along the river banks and eddies. The most productive baits have been baits such as Stike Kings Spitn’ King and Series 3 crankbaits. The quality of bass have picked up as well. Last week we boated one over six pounds and several over five pounds. Big crankbaits are working very well. The most productive places are on ledges that you can cover shallow water and deep water in the same cast (dramatic drop-offs). We are starting to pick up more and more fish on plastic frogs in grassy areas. The grass is like a fish factory right now. Night fishing is still about the same but like anything else, if the water flow slows down, so will the bite.


The top water bite is incredible when the stripers are below the dam. Big popping baits or walking baits are picking up several fish. Drifting skip jack minnows is a sure way to catch fish as well. There are several different laws that are enforced below the Dam that are different than any other area in Pickwick. From what I have seen TWRA has been busy enforcing these laws, and for safety reasons that is a really good thing. You can pick up a free fishing guide, read over these laws and educate yourself on limits of fish as well, most of it is actually interesting.


I have witnessed a lot of catfish caught below the Dam where I striper fish. Most catfishermen that I see are using one ounce sinkers with dead skip jack or cut bait. I would say the most common store bought bait for catfish are nightcrawlers and shad guts.


If small fish are appealing to you or you just want to take a kid fishing you can almost count on catching several bream. Any shady area along the lake or river edge can be a good place to catch a large number of bream. Small red worms work well but the most common bait would be crickets. Early morning hours are usually the best time to fish.


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For general lake information on Pickwick Lake:
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