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Enjoy fishing in Pickwick Tennessee or anywhere in the Pickwick area with an experienced area guide. We will take you on a guided fishing trip for Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass, White Bass, Stripers (Rockfish), Catfish, Sauger, and other Tennessee River fish. We take individuals and groups.We do half days and whole days. We provide all the tackle for the trip. We also provide drinks but your welcome to bring your own.
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Pickwick Lake Tennessee TN Fishing Report:   08 Aug 2018

Pickwick Lake Elevation 414

Water Temp. 85


With the temperature pushing 100 degrees the only answer to having fun fishing on the guided fishing trips I do is to start real early in the morning or start in the afternoon.  Even on the hottest days you can still stay pretty comfortable if you start at 5:30am and fish for three more hours. The other advantage of starting early is the fish are visibly more active during the early hours.  I usually start fishing with a top water bait in shallow water in the main lake.  You can catch a few bass in the backs of coves early on top water baits too but I usually catch bigger fish in the main lake. The “Spit N King” by Strike King is the perfect size bait to start your day with on the lake or below the dam for bass, stripers or white bass, so it is a good idea to have one tied on when you start fishing in the morning.  You will just need to make short jerks with your rod to disturb the surface with the mouth of the bait, if the bass are active they will hit it. I take a lot of people fishing and most people like to over jerk their bait (to hard) and this simply doest not attract the bass as much as the subtle action when fishing the Spit N King.  I like to use Lew’s medium action rods for better action when fishing any topwater bait, which is also more forgiving when a fish hits it and you react to hard with a hook set. The biggest mistake I see when fishing a topwater bait for active fish is your natural reaction of jerking the bait out of the fishes mouth. It is best to let the fish take it and keep the drag set loose. After the top water bite is over try fishing a football head jig with a plastic crawfish in the same areas.  If you were catching fish on topwater baits in rocky areas throw the football head jig in the same area and other similar rocky areas.  If you were catching fish on topwater baits in grassy areas fish the same grassy areas with the jigs.  Some of the biggest fish I have caught have been when I switch to a jig to fish the same areas I just caught fish on topwater baits at.



The Strike King “Spit N King” has been an all around great topwater with stripers and bass in the Tennessee River below the Pickwick Dam.  Popping this feathered tail bait attracts any fish that is in the area that is activly feeding on the surface.  If you are after stripers and you have already caught a few big ones on the top water baits you might want to switch over to a jerk bait because you can usually hold on to the fish longer with the jerk bait.  Right now you can find small stripers busting the surface all day but the bigger stripers will be in deeper water after the first few hours of daylight. Throughout the middle of the day you will need to switch to a deep diving crankbait, crank hard with your drag loose. Between the current and the strength of these salt water fish it’s important to use equipment that will hold up, I’ve always used Lew’s reels in any situation that seem to abuse other reels. Lews rod and reel combos are by far the best set up for quality and performance for the money you’ll spend.




Catfishing slowed down around below the Pickwick Dam where I have had the best luck over the past month.  I started moving downstream and started catching more fish drifting in the current. I had been catching fish on worms and cut bait, but the live bait got harder to find. I tried Dyna-Bites in Catalpa Worm flavor and in shad flavor and it worked out well for me. We caught several catfish drifting the Dyna-Bites in 20-25′ of water.  I like to fish the Dyna-Bites on a  size 1 Strike King Whisker Sticker hook with a medium action Lew’s rod with a once sinker if possible.


Compliments of Clagett Talley at Talley’s Outdoors 731-607-5266 or www.pickwickareaguide.com






June 2018

Pickwick Lake Elevation 414

Water Temp. 81

If you get out early, as early as 5am you can catch fish on top water baits suck as Strike King Sexy Dawgs and SpitNKings , you’ll have a lot of fun for about an hour and this is a good time to catch one or two quality bass before you have to start fishing deeper. After the top water bite dies down you can throw a crank bait in the same area you caught fish on top water baits and usually catch a few more. After that throw a the same crank bait, one that dives 8-12′ like a Series 3 to a Series 5 along bluffs and open water ledges. Big fish are in deep water right now, I have caught fish on deep diving crank baits in 15-25′ of water. In these areas a carolina rig with a green pumpkin Rage Tail and 1oz. Strike King Spinner bait also works well. White and chartreuse are the only two colors for spinnerbaits that I use in these deep water areas. If you like to fish at night, night fishing is starting to pick up. The most common bait to use is a spinnerbait with a single colorado blade. The night time spinnerbait needs to be black and it seems to help to have a red accent. The most common night time spinnerbait used on Pickwick right now is a Strike King Mid-Night Special, it will be in black with red or blue accents, I like to tip it with a red plastic trailer.


White bass

We still have time to catch a lot of white bass right now. They are running strong around the dam and in the Diamond Island area. They are hitting Strike King Series 3 Crankbaits and if they are hanging out in swift water I can usually catch a lot on jerk baits. Small white grubs are also accounting for a lot of white bass.


Stripers are biting throughout the day. If you drift from the dam down to the first overhead power line that crosses the river with a live minnow and 1-3oz sinker you should cover the distance the stripers are running in. While striper fishing keep a top water bait or jerk bait handy because they have been busting the surface throughout the day for short burst but if you are close enough to get a bait to them you are sure to catch one.


For an online report you can go to TWRA website. You can access it through my website www.pickwickareaguide.com and you can also go there to access TVAs website and by doing so it will take you straight to Pickwick lake .

Compliments of Clagett Talley at Talley’s Outdoors 731-607-5266 or www.pickwickareaguide.com













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