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Enjoy fishing in Pickwick Tennessee or anywhere in the Pickwick area with an experienced area guide. We will take you on a guided fishing trip for Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass, White Bass, Stripers (Rockfish), Catfish, Sauger, and other Tennessee River fish. We take individuals and groups.We do half days and whole days. We provide all the tackle for the trip. We also provide drinks but your welcome to bring your own.
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Pickwick Lake Tennessee TN Fishing Report:    12 Dec 2017


I’ve caught several bass wishing with Strike King Series 5 crankbaits on the new Lews Cranking Rod.  When fishing these crank baits make sure you used a medium rod that allows the the crank bait to work. I’ve had pretty good luck on main lake rocky points and structure around the Pickwick Dam. If you can stand the swift current below the Dam you should be able to pick up a few bass on live bait.  Just drift split shots with live minnows along rocky banks and you will pick up a few bass and some real nice smallmouth.  The smallmouth are hard to count on day to day but you can still catch a few big ones if you stick with it.


Every once in a while we will come across a striper or two around the dam this time of year. Trolling big Strike King Series 6 or 10XD crank baits or drifting live bait.


Catfish are still biting good in some areas, I like to use nightcrawlers and red worms. We even catch a few while sauger fishing with minnows. We have been catching a few in the 15-20′ range and some have come out of deeper water.


Sauger fishing is still in its beginning stages and will get better and better until next spring and sometimes it acually improves during the spring. Right now you will have good and bad days and there will be no excuse for the bad day because you can do the exact same thing you did the day before and it just will not work. On some drifts you will catch two or three and go back and not catch any, but this usually stabilizes throughout the winter to where you can count on them a little better. And something to keep in mind is although you hear that sauger fishing is better when the weather is as miserable I find that not to be true. I often go on pretty days in the middle of really cold days and if the fish were biting on the bad day before, they also bit on the pretty day as well.


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06 Nov 2017

Pickwick Lake Elevation 413.5

Water Temp. 77


Bass fishing has slowed down overall but some areas are still holding a large number of  bass.  The best method for me over the last week has been fishing rip-rap banks with Strike King Series 3 crank baits.  Several colors will work right now but I have been using a color called splatter back.Most fishing trips boat 20-30 bass. Your rod and reel set up is important when fishing a crank bait. You’ll want to use a medium rod to allow the lure to move like it’s supposed to. I use a Lews Reel and medium action rod for this size crank bait. If you like to fish with live bait you might be able to catch a a few 6 pound plus smallmouth in Pickwick right now but it is not always easy.  The best way to catch big smallmouth on live bait here is to take a throw net and catch live minnows, if the minnows are hard to find you are starting off with a tough day. If the minnows are plentiful you still have to locate good smallmouth. When the two come together you can catch some of the biggest smallmouth bass you will see all year.



I caught most of the stripers over the past three weeks on a Strike King, King Shad in a Sexy Shad color. This jointed baitfish style lure runs just under the surface of the water and it closely resembles the colors of a thread fin shad. This bait has been a great producer of fish this year. Another good lure to use for stripers any time of year has been the  Kevin Van Dam Wild Shiner Jerkbait. I still expect to catch a few more before I stop striper fishing this year and move to something else.



Catfish have been active and easy to catch.  I have caught them in the still water below the dam and in the current downstream.  They are in 12′ of water and 35′ and at least all depths in between. I have caught them on artificial catfish bait and night crawlers.  When I fish with a bait hook I always with a  Whisker Stickers hook by Strike King, it has two barbs to hold the bait on and the fish hang on to it as well.


For an online report you can go to TWRA website where you can hear me give this fishing report online. You can access it through my website www.pickwickareaguide.com and you can also go there to access TVAs website and by doing so it will take you straight to Pickwick lake.

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