Norris Lake by local anglers


We have our first report by local anglers, thanks Donnie Vickie Rutherford. If you have a fishing report, email us or post it on our facebook wall, we will put it on the site. Help out your fellow anglers


Norris Lake Tennessee TN Fishing report:    30 Dec 2014


The Cook boys, pictured below, had a great day on Norris. Corey writes 15′ of water on a football jig.







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  1. 3/23/14

    Started throwing a red crawdad color crank bait. Caught couple nice 16-17″ smallmouth a few 13-14″ spots. Live well bound for the spots. It was cold raining. We kept throwing crank baits after about 11 am we couldn’t buy a bite. My buddy started junk fishing trying to find something to get a bite on after numerous times asking him to try a jig. I picked one up and bam first cast a 4# small mouth. We ended up with 3 weighed together over 10 closer to 11#. Yes we did release them but kept all the spots. They eat just as good lol. We fishing deep rock banks running against river channel and points along channels. Any crawdad color bait seems to be working. Sorry for long post. Will update this weekend we are taking our 12&10 year old daughters so may not do as good but they gotta learn also lol. Good luck fellows and tight lines.

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