Nickajack Lake by TWRA Creel Clerks


Nickajack Lake  Tennessee report by TWRA Region III with the data coming from Huntfishbuddy


Nickajack Lake Fishing Report:     03 Jan 2018

Same as Last week


27 Dec 2017


Reservoir Conditions: The lake elevation is normal.

Largemouth Bass: Good. Lower reservoir anglers are using Tennessee Rigs and jerkbaits on the main channel breaks.

Smallmouth Bass: Fair. Use jerkbaits, shad or jigs in the tailwaters.

Crappie: Slow. Use minnows or jigs around ledges.

Catfish: Good. Use meaty baits. Current needs to be moving.

Striped bass: Slow.

Bluegill: Bank anglers are catching a lot of fish. Use worms for bait.