Nickajack Lake by TWRA Creel Clerks


Nickajack Lake  Tennessee report by TWRA Region III with the data coming from Huntfishbuddy


Nickajack Lake Fishing Report:       21 June 2017

Nickajack Reservoir

Reservoir Conditions: Normal elevation: 632.5 feet to 634.5 feet. Current elevation: 632.78 feet. The water surface temperature is 81 degrees.

Largemouth Bass: More bass are being caught on the river. Use spinnerbaits over the grass or plastic worms in the grass.

Smallmouth Bass: Fair. Fish the tailwater below Chickamauga Dam. Use crankbaits or live bait.

Crappie: No reports or observations.

Catfish: Drift the main channel with meaty baits, preferably shad.

Striped bass: No recent reports or observations.





14 June 2017

Nickajack Reservoir

Reservoir Conditions: Normal elevation: 633.5 feet. Current elevation at report time was 633.1 feet. The water temperature is 75 degrees.

Largemouth Bass: Bass are being caught over grass beds in the few coves on the lake. More fish are being targeted along the river banks. Plastic worms, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits are the favorite baits.

Smallmouth Bass: Most fish are being caught in the upper river or tailwaters. Jigs or crankbaits are being used.

Spotted Bass: A lot of spotted bass are being caught in the tailwaters below Chickamauga Dam. Crankbaits are being used.

Crappie: Minnows or jigs are being used for bait. Shady and still water in the tailwaters are areas that hold fish. Ledges downstream are also holding crappie. The better ledges are 8 to 10 feet dropping into deeper water.

Catfish: Many fish are being caught. Use meaty baits. Shad will be the best choice. Some big fish are being caught.