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Here at Smilin Danl Professional Guide Service we strive to create the best fishing experience. This means everything from the equipment and bait we use, to the boat we run. We don’t keep the best spots to ourselves, we take you to them.

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Middle Tennessee Lakes TN Fishing Report:  27 June 2015

Gave it a shot today but fell short of a win on Old Hick with A.J.Harvey. most bites were on soft plastics & a blade.

Smilin' Danl Old Hickory 27 June 2015











20 June 2015

Had a good day on Old Hickory today flipping shallow cover, average weight of about 2.5 to 3.5 # each. Caught nearly all my fish swimming the Smiling Dan’l Joker jig.

Smilin' Danl Old Hickory















14 June 2015

Old hickory is still fishing very good, Heather & I boated nearly 40 bass flipping the joker jig. Ended up in 3rd today with nearly 14#,I lost 2 key bites that cost us the win but still beats cutting grass.