Fort Loudoun Lake


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Fort Loudoun Lake Fishing Report: 20 Sept 2015

This report provided by Steve Carpenter, thanks Steve

Water temps on Fort Loudon have fallen off quite a bit in the past couple of weeks, now running between 76° and 77° in the lower third of the lake. The 10 lb. carp (pictured) hit a crankbait this morning as I ran it over a weed bed, evidence that everything in the lake is now into the fall feeding frenzy to fatten up for winter. On the other end of the scale, a little 6-inch smallmouth — probably this year’s hatch — took the same lure, and his little belly was pretty fat! Crankbaits should definitely be your lure of choice for the next few weeks, and I’ve observed that they want the presentation just a little slower than they would have liked it a month ago. Crank it down and use a slow retrieve. Stop it and restart it, and you’ll probably get bit on the restart. Also, if you enjoy topwater action, don’t put that stuff away just yet. I took two bass early on a buzzbait. For a twist, try removing the skirt and replace it with a soft plastic minnow imitation in white or shad color. Soft plastics, especially crawdad imitations, will work well in the fall also; fish just seem to instinctively know that crawdads are a good protein source, and they’ll take them whenever they can get them. Set up a Carolina rig with about an 18 to 24-inch leader. Fish it a little faster than you would normally work a Carolina rig. I caught one and missed another today that hit it as I was cranking it in to make another cast. Tight lines everybody!

Steve Carpenter on Fort Loudoun 2015