January Journal 2018


01 Jan 2018

Happy New Year

I meant to give a review of 2017, but honestly, my memory is not serving me real well anymore so I will just start with that. 2017 was a great year, the catching was up and down and it seems as the years roll by, my fishing time is taking up fewer days. However, I did catch a personal best trout and personal best striper in 2017. I also hooked a striper or hybrid on a fly rod, but did not get it into the boat. This was a good accomplishment for me and has gotten me focused on landing one in 2018.

2017 had my son graduate college and get a job and saw my daughter start college. I couldn’t be prouder of a young man or young lady than I am those two and I give God all the glory for the good that is in them. 2017 we were blessed and it was a great year and we look forward to 2018 keeping up or even better.

Today I got up and let the dog out of her crate and thought, hmmm, I’m not sure about going fishing today. I checked the temperature and thought, 2 years ago I would have been excited because at these conditions, it’s not real crowded. However, I do have to go to work tomorrow and I’m not sure I would be able to get up if I went out today. I know it sounds like I am getting soft and the truth is I am. I just didn’t want to risk it.

That is why I am glad I have this rod building. I am going to be doing a show at the first of February at Watson’s Marine Open House. I’ve not done a show before and I typically only build a rod at request, that is the whole idea behind a custom rod. It is what the customer wants, custom to them. These are more handcrafted as they are built without anyone requesting. I certainly don’t want to get into production of many rods, but this is has been a pretty good thing for me to stockpile a few for the show.

So today will be consist of rod building, watching a little bit of football, and for all the psychos out there, Psych is now on Amazon Prime. This will be played while I am working so that I can listen to the ignorance that makes me laugh like no other show. I hope everyone had a great 2017 and will have a fantastic 2018. God bless and may your year start off right.