February Journal 2018


First Weekend of February

This weekend I participated in my first fishing expo type event. I was a vendor at Watson’s Marine Open House, it was a blast. You may be thinking, ugh, I wanted to read about the fish biting, first, not sure I believe that if you have ever read this before, I tend to post in the journal more of what not to do rather than how to slay them things. Anyway, I’m gonna talk about the show and I hope you stick with this.

First, let me say that I finally got to meet 2/3 of my readership (not sure if that is a word, but you get what I mean). That was one of the highlights of the show for me. I won’t drop any names, typically folks don’t like for others to know that I know them, but it was great. We talk through email periodically and it is great to put a name to a face and personality. Thanks for stopping by. As for the other unidentified reader of my journal, sorry I missed you, or if I met you but you were a bit embarrassed to say you read the journal, I understand, but think how I feel, I write this thing.

I met Hank Parker and got a photo, he is a top shelf individual, thanks for the pic Hank. Also saw the other pros there and everyone of them were just hanging out and talking with people. Looked like folks were getting a whole lot of information from some real experts.

Also a lot of great vendors were in the house, around 12-15 I think. I got to talk to most of them and let me say, great folks. I would start naming them, but to be honest, I might forget or leave one out and I would hate to do that to any of them. You could really find some great custom baits at the show. Also, a lot of manufacturing reps (I think that’s what you call them) present. Make plans next year to drop in.

I did get to spend some time with a couple fine young men, one 10 and one 8 if I remember correctly. These youngens knew about fishing well advanced of me at that age and were great to have around. I brought some stuff and showed them how to weave a few letters, they did a great job and I had a ball with them there.

Also, a couple folks from worked dropped by, great conversation and hopefully they found something they could use. And I got to meet a gentleman from Project Healing Waters. And Sgt Major (ret) Sansbury stopped by, he is over this areas Project Healing Waters. He also served with my brother in the Marines and I had met him on a few occasions. He is as fine an individual as you will meet and if I can figure out some time, I may try to get involved in this great organization. If you know any disabled veterans, they teach fly fishing, fly tying, etc…..   Let them know about Project Healing Waters.

I could say a bunch and I could tell you stories. I did a lot of cutting up, laughing, and even sold a rod. I’m getting ready to get a price together as requested for a custom rod, and I’ll tell you I had a blast. I realized that I am one of the worse salesmen in the world however, I have embraced my deficiencies. Time to do some work, so I hope you folks had as good of a weekend as I had. Also, look on the TFR Custom Rod tab, I added a few things on there you may want to read, I mean, you made it this far, no need in quitting now. Have a great day and God bless.