October Journal 2017


01 Oct 2017

Sunday afternoon and the wife wanted to take her rod out for a test drive. It’s a beast, I had found a good price on a heavy blank, she wanted wooden handles. You would not want to cast this thing too much, but sits in the rod holder just fine. Also, I wanted to test the wraps as I had used the glow in the dark thread to wrap the guides, I’ve not used this before.

We load up the boat and head to Davis Marina. As I go to get the boat ready at the ramp, I press button to lift the motor and it lifts but shakes and is weak. Oh no, I have no battery to start the boat……… oh well, we are here and we’ll just use trolling motor. I had charged this battery a few days earlier, but it is at least 5 years old, maybe older, not sure if it will hold a charge or not, but I’ll find out soon enough.

Anyway, we start off fishing close to the dock for obvious reasons, and head down the lake just a bit. I get one bite on a down line but it was fast and didn’t get the hook, just left an impression on the shad. We decided to head upstream, they haven’t been generating. Finally, when we get to the furthest point from the dock I felt comfortable getting, we get ready to turn and she gets bit. I said, be patient and it came back, busted the water and balloon went under and she went to set the hook, but the fish was gone.

We turn and head back and another attack just downstream from the first one. I then think to myself, if I had my big motor, we could hang here, but I really don’t want to use trolling motor in the dark to put the boat on the trailer. We then begin trolling back to the dock.

We ended up getting back to the dock right about the time that we should start fishing, but hey, I don’t wanna risk the other battery going down at the same time. We load it up and head home. The day ended just as it had begun, dead battery and no fish. We had a good time and I got it charging now. It didn’t seem suspicious when I went to charge it, but will keep an eye out and see if I had neglected to charge it last week. I don’t think I did, but for a $100.00, it’s worth a look. Y’all have a great week and God bless.