February Journal 2017


25 Feb 2017

Final February Entry


Here’s the plan, Friday was arriving and bringing temperatures in the 70’s, I personally love this warmer weather. I go to work, leave for eye doctor appointment, go home get boat, then begin catching a record number of fish. But sometimes our plans don’t work out. The first couple of things went as planned, but understand that I am not sure I have ever had an eye doctor appointment. I may have when I got out of the Marines 26 years ago, but don’t remember it. I figure you go, look through some lenses, they say you’re getting old and need reading glasses only. You then proceed to the dollar store, cheap glasses, go home and wet a line. I was completely unaware of getting my eyes dilated. I got some great looking glasses from the doctor and went home.

Daughter said do you wanna go fishing? We discussed briefly and since she has had her eyes dilated many times, she said, well, you shouldn’t go. Let me just say that was a good call. I did some flower bed work and that was enough, mercy things were certainly bright outside.

Saturday rolled around and my eyes were fine. On a side note, reading glasses are outstanding, I didn’t realize how bad I was. Anyhow, the wind had picked up to slightly below hurricane strength and quickly realized that fly fishing in this would do nothing except bring me weeping and gnashing of teeth. Not wanting to fight the wind very much, I headed to the bank to cast a line. I thought I would catch a crappie or two where I was heading and figured a short time on the bank would do me well.

I saw a few boats on Boone, folks much tougher than me and I strolled on down to the bank. I say strolling although it was more like what Mountain Goats do on rocks. I get to the spot and begin casting. The wind was being serious, not sure how hard it was blowing, but trying to throw a crappie fly (a fly for the fish, not a poorly tied fly) in this stuff left a lot to be desired. I switched and began using my swim bait. This entire trip consisted of less than thirty minutes of fishing. The wind was blowing, the temperature was no longer in the 70’s and the thought of chores began creeping into my mind. This happens when I don’t see much hope of catching a fish. I gathered the gear and headed home.

Tough February in 2017, sure I was not nearly as committed as I have been in previous years, but the few times I went, it was tough. Trout are playing hard to get and I just haven’t been ready to test the boat, or wasn’t until the Day of Dilation came. Not sure if I will get an opportunity for about 2 weeks, some things have come up, however, rest assured, March will be better. I hope your spring brings you full livewells and February brought you some joy. Have a great week, God bless.



Tight Lipped February

18 Feb 2017


I got the boat batteries charged and had just about talked myself into getting it out of the garage, however, much to do. We are going to be going on vacation in March and I need to get some stuff done. My idea with the boat is that I don’t get it out unless I am going to spend some time on the water. So I just grabbed my waders and the fly rod and headed to Bluff City. Let me say that I am chomping at the bit to get out the boat, but I need to get some chores and one more rod done before we take off, patience is a must.

I arrive at the river and begin fishing. It was a nice day on the river, Bluff City has very few anglers and for good reason. South Holston River is an awesome trout river, but the thing is most folks are aware of it being great, therefore it is crowded. Bluff City is not crowded but the fish appear to be a bit few in number.

I’ve got a few new flies that I have heard rave reviews about that I am going to try today. I’ve spend time building rods and not tying flies so I am ill equipped for this trip. However, a couple of flies ought to convince a trout to at least give it a look. I start in the honey hole where my personal best trout was caught and never got a bite. I did see one rise but no bites.

I then began moving around and fished for a total of an hour. I might have gotten a bite or two, but more than likely it was just the fly going over something briefly and getting caught for a split second. Only a few fish rose the entire time I was there and as I cast, mended, tied, and gave a good effort, I had a realization. The time has come to either get the boat out or stay at home. I do love the fly fishing but not much on crowds anymore, but we will see where next week brings me.

The trip out of town will not yield any fish, won’t be wetting a line on this trip, however, the site may be slow for a week or so. My apologies before hand but we will be unable to get online where we are heading. Not all of us are going so things should run smooth at the house, I guess I should entrust someone with the website. We will see on that front. I may be fly fishing by next weekend, I tend to change my mind, but I’m anxious about getting on the lake. I hope everyone’s spring brings them full livewells, God bless.



Slow Month So Far

12 Feb 2017

The first thing you noticed is no pic, well, I did have one, but I just haven’t got it up yet. I know we are almost halfway through the month and I haven’t written anything, however, that isn’t to say I haven’t been, just not a lot to write about. So I will combine three trips, all totalling about 2.5 hours fishing, yep, I haven’t stayed long.

The first one lasted about 20 minutes, I just needed to get out for a bit and ran to the boat ramp at Little DeVault Bridge. The weapon of choice was a popping float with a swim bait about 2′ below. I got one bit and it was a largemouth. He was around 12-13″, nothing to hang on a wall, but it was a good time. All and all, that is about all I had in the 20 minute trip.

Last week I ran to Watauga River at what I used to call my honey hole. After last week, that official title is on hold for a few more trips. I was trying new flies, you know, the great new flies that will catch fish on the Watauga everytime. Well, I am once again an outlier. I think I may have gotten one bite, fished for an hour or so, tried multiple patterns and nothing was caught. On a good note, as I was wading into the river, I saw a gentleman pulling one in upstream, apparently he knows what he is doing.

Trip 3 was about an hour or so long and I took someone with me, I was thinking I would learn something. We started at Davis Marina bank fishing, they were generating. A boat on the water said it was 45 or 47F, I don’t remember which, but the generators were rolling. We fished a while there, then headed to the bridge.

I had caught a bass here before so the plan was to repeat that action. I did get one bit but missed him. I also saw either a white bass or small hybrid, not real sure as it moved kinda quick. It rose up about 3′ from the bank, but was not interested in my swim bait.

Now these three trips may sound as if I have had a difficult time, but truthfully, this was more common than not on the short trips. I go to get out of the house, not really feeling like getting the boat out until mid March or so. I have quite a few trips I don’t document (reading this, the reason should be obvious), however, whether fish are caught or not, just to get out and enjoy the time near the water. Hope everyones winter has gone well, God bless and spring is reall close.