December Journal 2017







06 Dec 2017

I finally made it out to the river, actually I went on the 5th also, but only brought home the skunk. On the 5th I stuck with the streamer for the most part and an orange egg toward the end. I did miss about 7 hits, a couple of them were pretty hard, but just rusty I guess.

The next day I decided to head out again. The water is running around 1100 cfs and can wade in spots, but in this weather I don’t feel all that brave for a lot of the area.

I had given the streamer a whirl and missed a couple, but they did not seem to want to pay it no never mind. So I switched to an egg sack and an egg. I’ve never caught one on my personally tied egg sack, not until this day. I tossed it out into a bit of current, with my intermediate sink line, the foam sack descended, then bam. I got the hit. He actually took out a bit of drag, I just set it loose so I can say that, and came right in for the pic.

My discovery from this trip, make sure the rod is above the fish in the pic, this will give a more accurate photo of the fish. It doesn’t appear as big as I remember it being. Anyway, he was a nice one and the only one I convinced to take the bait that day. We’ll see if I head back out, but it’s been a fun week off nevertheless. Have a great day and God bless.





01 Dec 2017

I have made a few short fly fishing trips, but the results were the same as on the first day of December. I have completely committed myself to throwing streamers, mistake, and by streamers I mean one streamer.

I have gotten a few hits, however, no takers. I think, however that I have figured something out. Low water has not produced very well however, when they are running a little water, I have caught a few. On the weekend, South Holston has been making it great for wading, but during the week, the water is up.

This week I am on vacation, therefore, this theory shall be tested. Monday I am going car shopping with my son, but then the rest of the week I hope to get out a day or two.

Sorry this is so short, but has been a while since I have put anything on here, this is just to let you know to check back this week. Hopefully I will have some pics for you. I may even try using a different fly other than this streamer. Hope all is well and God bless.