December Journal 2017








Merry Christmas

Last week I stopped at a new spot after work (my real job). I had never been here before but had wanted to give it a shot for a while. I went there with high hopes but not so high expectations. I was using a spinning rod and it was in the river, generating so no wading.

I fished for about 45 minutes or so and ended up with this little brown. It was a blast. I am not familiar with fishing water that is generating, but this looks like a place I shall visit again at a later date. I can’t give location away as a friend had told me about this place. I know I have a fishing report website, but I’ll be tight lipped if you ask. But just for info purposes, a friend did catch a 37″ striper on Boone yesterday, it was a beauty.

While I have you here, I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. I hope you got what you asked for and were able to provide for others. If you are like me, it’s hard to ask for anything knowing how blessed you’ve been.

We had a great Christmas Eve with family and are going to do more family time today, it’s awesome. I hope everyone can take some time to remember what we are celebrating, the Birth of our Savior. Sometimes that may get lost in the hustle and bustle, but tis the season. I hope everyone has a great week, God bless.









06 Dec 2017

I finally made it out to the river, actually I went on the 5th also, but only brought home the skunk. On the 5th I stuck with the streamer for the most part and an orange egg toward the end. I did miss about 7 hits, a couple of them were pretty hard, but just rusty I guess.

The next day I decided to head out again. The water is running around 1100 cfs and can wade in spots, but in this weather I don’t feel all that brave for a lot of the area.

I had given the streamer a whirl and missed a couple, but they did not seem to want to pay it no never mind. So I switched to an egg sack and an egg. I’ve never caught one on my personally tied egg sack, not until this day. I tossed it out into a bit of current, with my intermediate sink line, the foam sack descended, then bam. I got the hit. He actually took out a bit of drag, I just set it loose so I can say that, and came right in for the pic.

My discovery from this trip, make sure the rod is above the fish in the pic, this will give a more accurate photo of the fish. It doesn’t appear as big as I remember it being. Anyway, he was a nice one and the only one I convinced to take the bait that day. We’ll see if I head back out, but it’s been a fun week off nevertheless. Have a great day and God bless.





01 Dec 2017

I have made a few short fly fishing trips, but the results were the same as on the first day of December. I have completely committed myself to throwing streamers, mistake, and by streamers I mean one streamer.

I have gotten a few hits, however, no takers. I think, however that I have figured something out. Low water has not produced very well however, when they are running a little water, I have caught a few. On the weekend, South Holston has been making it great for wading, but during the week, the water is up.

This week I am on vacation, therefore, this theory shall be tested. Monday I am going car shopping with my son, but then the rest of the week I hope to get out a day or two.

Sorry this is so short, but has been a while since I have put anything on here, this is just to let you know to check back this week. Hopefully I will have some pics for you. I may even try using a different fly other than this streamer. Hope all is well and God bless.