November Journal 2016


27 Nov 2016

Better Late Than Never

I was off for the week of Thanksgiving but didn’t get in any fishing. We had family in town that I only get to hang out with once a year and I enjoy the company greatly, those fish can wait. However, Sunday afternoon rolled around and I thought I’d try to get an hour or so in at South Holston River.

I headed out and was pleasantly surprised at the lack of folks fishing. Now I do highly encourage folks to get out and fish, but the way I cast a fly rod, it is safer for everyone if there aren’t too many bodies in the area.

I wasn’t planning on fishing very long, it was nice out, but the week and wore me out and the joy of work was coming upon me quickly. I tied on a pheasant tail and an egg. I have a hard time seeing the small stuff anymore, no worries I am setting up an eye appointment, and the pheasant tail is kinda my go to except here. Anyway, it was available and I tied it up. I missed a few and then out of the corner of my eye I see one jump. Now I know you may think I am exaggerating but it was big, like really big. To put into perspective, I think a 17-18” trout is real good size, but this one looked liked it was well past 20” and I’ll leave it at that.

That one never did hit my line, however, I did get a bite and the fight was on. I was using my daughter’s new MHX 5wt that I got too excited to complete so I need to go back and put a hook keeper and label on there, but it was casting nice and the fighting well. I grabbed my net, it was too big and kept falling out. I finally grabbed with my hand and went for the pic. This took longer than I wanted so I snapped a couple of quick ones as it was trying it’s best to flip away, you can tell by the photos that it did in fact flip away.

It was a nice one and my mission was accomplished. I got a couple more hits but no hook set and I decided to call it a day. I had forgotten how much I do enjoy getting out on the river, what a great cold weather activity. The boat in the cold is not something I am fond of but this, well, I like it a lot. Maybe I’ll get out again next week, my daughter is talking about going with me and if so, I will sneak the video out there also. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving week and continue to enjoy the holiday season. I listened to Christmas music this morning, and you know what, I kinda liked it. Sorry about the blurry pics, but y’all have a great week and God bless






Happy Thanksgiving

My apologies for lack of journal entries, this month has been busy. I have not been out protesting or anything like that, just work and stuff.  I did actually go but it was not for long and nothing really happened, however, this weekend I am hoping for at least a few hours on the river.

I did want to take a moment and just wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Day. Myself I get sidetracked at times trying to get stuff done, going fishing, making plans and I thought today is a great day to just stop and be thankful. Truthfully everyday should be, however, I don’t seem to be wise enough yet to realize that.

So I wanted to say thanks to both of you that read this journal, just kidding, for all of you that read this and use our website, thank you. This is  a hobby of mine and hopefully helps out a few folks with there fishing and maybe even make you chuckle every once in a while.

I am thankful for so much more but I will not turn into the Lifetime Channel for sake of my manhood. However, it has been a great week with my family as it started with the wife and I getting out of town for a night in Gatlinburg. Yes that does mean a lap around Cades Cove,      good times.

Most of all I am thankful of the Lord, He has been so good to us that words can’t express. This week I have put down the fishing rod to spend some time with family and friends. Hope y’all have a great great day.