May Journal 2016


30-31 May 2016

No Title Required

Sorry, but posting has become slightly difficult. Only certain areas in the house will allow the wifi to work and I am pretty sure that I head a dial up tone while using, but I can’t swear by it. Anyway, 30 May was a rainy day, no worries this isn’t a poem.

I gave it a shot on the beach for a while, but same result both 30-31, lost bait, caught nothing. This is either crabs wearing out my bait, or small fish that the hook won’t fit in it’s mouth. So a new plan went into effect on the first day of June, the skunk will be put to rest. Now it is time to start a new page.


29 May 2016

The Skunk is On

The day began on the beach without nary a bite, but the wild horses were on the beach which was pretty cool. I walked down the beach when I saw another feller fishing. He wasn’t doing real well either, a few small ones but yesterday and today, which is yesterday when I’m typing it. Anyway, it was slow for everyone.

We headed down the beach in the truck and asked a few more folks, about the same story. We came back and hit the beach again. That evening we came back and gave it another shot. Finally, I got me a few good hits. I lifted, thought I had a small one on the line then asked my daughter to hold the rod. She got it, said she had a bite and began reeling. As she got it closer, she said hey I got one, I looked, saw a small splash and it released. I told her that you can if you holler catch and release as it gets off, then you can count it.

We got a few more bites and decided to call it a night. Rain is coming and tomorrow is going to be a day to look around and find a spot or two. We will see if we get out and do much, but the skunk is on at this point. Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day, God bless.




28 May 2016

Day 1, Let the Vacation Begin

It is now midnight, I typically go to bed before 10:00, needless to say, I will probably not see the sunrise tomorrow. However, it was a pretty good day. It began at 3:00 am with 3ish, by the time the truck got packed, shower taken, and all that goes with it, it took a bit of time.

The drive was a bit long, but not too bad, and when we hit the Outer Banks, we took a left. Got everything we needed, lowered the pressure from tires, went to the edge of the grid then headed up the beach. Now I say off the grid because the cell signal is spotty at best, glad we have wireless.

Let me suggest that if you ever read about a 4wd beach, this isn’t a suggestion. We haven’t got stuck yet, but my thought is it’s just a matter of time. We drove on the beach, then through the “streets” to the house. These streets are just sand as well and a dune buggy would be a blast.

As plans were made I thought this would be pretty secluded, but amazingly, a lot of trucks were on the beach. After we unloaded and made out way to the water, well, the beach was pretty empty, this is going to be a good time. We tried doing a little surf fishing, but not much luck. We didn’t fish too long, but the current was impressive. We caught a bunch of sand fleas and are ready to give it a go tomorrow.

However, the next few days of weather forecast are not looking great. One of the days is 10% chance of no rain and one is 20%. I am still holding hope, rain won’t be too much of a bother, but if I see lightning, I’m not holding my 9′ rod in the surf.

Anyway, I’ll try to post something periodically this week as time allows, and hopefully a few fish pics will show up on here. Hope you have a great weekend, God bless



25 May 2016

Well as you can see, no fish pics, but read on, I have been busy. Funny story that would take a long time to tell, but long story short, I got me an MRI to see if I tore my bicep. This happened a couple weeks ago when I went to tuck in a sheet. I never realize the dangers of making a bed, however, signs have been there for a while. Anyway, I’m suppose to be in a sling and unable to fish.

However, I have an opportunity to try the Outer Banks this coming week and I will be wetting a line. So you might get some pics, hopefully some of good eating saltwater fish. I have the filet knife sharp.

I have been getting a few rods built and I will be able to make 14 official University of Tennessee wrapped fishing rods starting in July. This means I will be able to use their Trademarked items on a Rod including the checkerboard. I post one at the bottom I had made for myself.

Also, I have finished 6 rods, well 5 one is drying as I type, since beginning, goal is to do around 25 this year. Does this effect fishing time, yep, but health wise, I haven’t been too awfully fit to go yet anyhow and this gives me something to occupy my time, not to mention, some really nice rods. Anyhow, this isn’t filled with a good story, but I did want to let folks know I have not fallen off the map, or out of the boat.

A few pics of a couple of the rods I have done, some are for me, some are for others, but I want put too many on here. Y’all have a good one and hope to post some saltwater stuff starting Sunday. Have a great week and God bless.






12 May 2016

It’s Been a Busy Spring

Finally I was able to get out on the water this month. It’s been busy as I am starting a rod building business, I am not great at paperwork, but I have completed 4 rods now and two more should be done shortly. By the time July rolls around, I should be able to start making some official University of Tennessee fishing rods. I didn’t want to infringe on copyrights so that has been a process.

Anyway, I found a break in the action at the house and headed to the river. We had a good rain the day before and I figured Beaver Creek would have the Davis Marina Area pretty muddy. I headed out to Bluff City and began some fly fishing.

The river was a bit lower than I remember but I began throwing a pheasant tail. I observed a few sulfur coming off, but by a few I mean less than 5 in an hour did I see, no activity on top water. So I threw the pheasant tail for a little bit, then impatience brought me to change. I went with a squirmy wormy, with zero luck throwing this rascal.

I decided to go small with a size 22 zebra midge. I tossed and tossed but was coming up short. My mind began going back to the chores I need to complete, but it had been so long, I needed to feel a bit of a tug on the end of my line.

Although there was no activity on the top water, I switched to a black ant type fly, I’m not sure of the name, it is small, black, and has white on top, typically I will use this at the grates. Now it is top water but in the current I was in, that would not last long. After about 5 minutes of throwing this little feller, I finall got bit. I set the hook and the fight was on. I got the fish close enough to me to see it was about a 12″ rainbow. I began thinking don’t let you phone fall in the water when you take the pic, then he released.

I was unable to get a photo, but it was still a good time. I figured an hour was enough and began to head back to the house. When I returned to the house a big storm set in for just a little bit. Thank you Lord for letting me not get caught in that stuff.

At the end of the month I will be trying my hand at the Outer Banks. I’ve never been there but I am trying to get everything ready for that little excursion. Maybe when we get back, things will slow down a bit and I can get on the water more, until then, y’all have a great week. I hope you rods stayed bent all weekend and may God bless.