March Journal 2016


With Dust Comes Rust

25 March 2016

We made it back from DC late Wednesday, this made Thursday a day of getting little to nothing done. I piddled with a fishing rod, but from the DC trip, just couldn’t get this completed and ended up watching a movie or two, then going to bed early. Friday came and it was a bit better.

Friday I whipped up some breakfast for the family then headed down to work on the HMX fishing rod, in my static testing, this thing is pretty impressive to me. After beginning this I ventured into paperwork, my glaring weakness but was able to get things done by the afternoon.

About 6:00 I decided to head to Bluff City for a quick fly fishing trip. I had made a stop or two in the past week at Rainbow Bridge, but honestly, nothing worth writing about. Now I haven’t fly fished in weeks and thus you will now understand the title.

I show up at the river, I get out, decide to change flies and realize I can’t find my snippers, I brought the wrong fly box, and just knew this was gonna be one of those short trips. I put on a pheasant tail and began fishing. To my suprise, I got a couple of hits. One particular hit I wondered what in the world I was doing. I felt the fish, watched my line, apparently just took a two second nap, then tried to set the hook. This is where my title came from, I thought, good night, how can my reflexes be that slow.

I attempted a more cast with no luck, but saw a few sulfurs coming off. I bit my line, I do not recommend this at all, it is not good for your teeth and when using small hooks, very difficult to get the line into the eye of the hook. I then spent the better part of 10 minutes tying this fly on the line. A less patient feller would’ve given up, but stubborness is kinda my thing.

I tossed the fly in the river and again I miss two fish, dust rust kinda thing. After they realized the bait was not real, I switched to a squirmy wormy. This was the last fly in the fly box, yep, the one I brought had three options to use. I toss it in a few time and end up missing just one. I decided to call it a day and figure it is time to stop going to the river.

The weather is getting nice, Saturday I will have to mow, so maybe I can get out on the lake a bit more next month. My rod building has started as I have been requested to do a few rods for some folks. This may hinder my going out but if I am being honest, with the way things are going, this is a huge blessing. My abilities to get out and fish have diminished drastically, so now on the days that going out is difficult, I have something to occupy my time. Idle hands kind of a thing.

I hope that everyone enjoys this Easter Weekend, that all your lines remain tight throughout. And that hope you can all take a minute to remember what we are celebrating, the Resurrection of our Savior. God bless.






Boone 12 March 2016






2016 License Season Begins

12 March 2016

Mercy what a great weekend, the weather was spring like and I just felt compelled to partake of the outdoors. I took care of a few chores in the morning, the girls went shopping and I grabbed the kayak and headed to Boone. First I went behind the airport, this was going to be a pretty good walk and carrying the kayak was not something I was feeling. Also, I’m just not clear as to what the property lines are any more. I am not a ask forgiveness instead of permission person. I tend to think that if folks own something, it belongs to them and not me, so I don’t trespass or just assume it is ok. I figured I would head to Little Devault Bridge, they TVA ramp is coming along but you can’t get down to it yet, the other side of the bridge had bank fishermen and I didn’t think I should disturb them, they were there first. So I headed to Davis, the ramp there is coming along great, not sure when it will be complete and there will be a fee, but when all is said and done, makes sense cause all that cost them something.

Anyway, I got to launch, had a swim bait on my UT fishing rod and gave it a go. Boom first cast I landed that bad boy that you see above. Sorry for the blur, but I keep my phone in a plastic bag and them things cost way too much to just let get wet. I was pumped, first cast landed one, I was already warm from the sunshine, and I could see a few shad flipping. I paddled around and continued fishing, I got a couple more bumps on the swim bait, but that was about it.

I then decided to try my luck at crappie fishing. I put on a small fly and began the effort. I got a couple hits but no takers. I ended up fishing for a couple of hours and the only one caught was the first cast. It has been my limited experience that when I catch one on the first cast, the day is usually not very good. This has only happened a few times so not enough data to prove this theory, but it has held true a few. I am hoping that this isn’t a sign for the 2016 license season, that was my first cast with new licenses also, I guess we will find out.

Next week I am not sure if I will get out or not. I have finally gotten my licensing for rod building, I need to see a lawyer about some stuff in regards to this as well as a tax guy. Sunday I should be leaving to take part in a study at Georgetown. I reckon that will take until at least Wednesday, maybe Thursday. March is going to be a hit and miss on the fishing, but check back, I’ll try to get out there and wet a line as much as possible. Hope everyone has a great week and God bless.