November Journal 2014


15 & 16 Nov 2014 

I’m gonna try to stick a short video in here, but I haven’t figured it out yet. So let us begin, Friday we were able to go to the hospital and let the daughter get her kidney stone removed. Since we had made three trips to the ER over this in the past couple of weeks, this is a blessing. I figured Saturday would have us in the house most of the day so I got up and raked some leaves, your welcome neighbors.

Well after the time raking, I came in and asked if anyone wanted to go wading, well guess what……. the daughter said she would go. Well I was excited, knowing the Vols were going to play in a bit and I couldn’t stay long. Realizing that her waders have a leak and it’s November, I knew I would be back in time.

We end up fishing about an hour and after her foot is freezing, the fish have ignored our flies, and she got one enormous knot in her fly line, it was time to head to the house. She let me get a 15 second video of her pouring water out of her waders and of course the knot, I hope to get this figured out real soon.

The next afternoon I head out to the river alone. The sulfurs are coming off, just like they did the day prior, but this time, the trout were cooperating  (hope that’s spelled right). The pics above are not too good, but the rain was falling, the air temperature was sweater weather, and I was in the middle of the river. If I had one more hand they would’ve been a bit better.

I see a big trout make a wave and eat up a fly. I toss over toward it and on about the third attempt, this nice one took the imposter. I lift the rod and I think I felt it just scrape the lip of the beast, I missed it, felt for a second, but gone. The excitement came, the thrill was experienced, the fish was laughing.

I ended up catching about 7-8 in an hour and a half. I changed flies a few times catching most of them on a sulfur CDC. I got one on a puff daddy I think it is called, I tied it so it probably doesn’t resemble the good ones anyhow. And I got one  on a peach egg cluster.

I hope to do a bit more fishing during the holidays, but if not, I will attempt to get the video out. Maybe she will ask Santa for some waders at Christmas.





02 Nov 2014

Quick Trip to the SOHO

The snow fell this weekend and that usually gets me pretty thrilled about heading to the river. I don’t get the boat out in the cold, yep, I am that guy, when it gets cold I head to the river. Well Saturday as we get up, the daughters kidney stone begins doing it’s thing. If you have ever had one, well you could understand we spent the day at the Emergency Room. Yep I had one once and I think I would prefer a Louisville Slugger upside my back as opposed to one of them things. The pain is terrible and she dealt with it like a trooper. At times it was like a storm trooper, but nonetheless a trooper.

The pain is gone on Sunday early afternoon and she can’t stand to stay in the house too long, so I got a second fly rod ready. She doesn’t have any waders, she can’t decide whether she could justify using them or not, so we headed to the dam where wading isn’t required.

I had tied a new egg cluster fly and she was using it. I saw a sulfur hatch coming off and began tying one on my line. About that time she lays down the rod and begins to “try” to undo a knot. After I get the sulfur on the line (don’t tell her but I was setting this up for her anyway), she said I can’t get it. We then switch rods and I untie the knot and head a bit downstream to try the egg. I’m not down there long and I get nailed, cluster egg works, and as soon as it hits, the knot I hurried and tied came undone, fish off.

I turn around after a minute and the gal catches her a nice brown. She is excited and we fish about an hour and a half. She catches a couple more and misses a bunch. The laughing and fussing about the misses and catches and wind and knots, we had a ball. While standing on the bank, she wipes out. I missed this but when I came over she is laughing and procedes to tell me about her little fall,

It was a great day, fishing buddy maybe hooked, we’ll find out in spring, and the fish were biting. We didn’t slay them by any means and yep, I did catch one on a red egg, but we had a ball. Good luck and hope you get to wet a line this weekend.