March 2014


Boone 22 March 2014





22 March 2014

I’ve been working on a fishing rod and tried messing with a new grip, not sure if I was going to like it, my idea behind it was ok, but in reality, perhaps I did not consider everything. Anyhow, it was time to give it a test and that was the purpose of the trip.

A swim bait was put on the rod and the casting began, let me say that the rod is doing fine, but casting will take some getting used to. I only placed 1″ of cork behind the reel seat. My thinking was contact with the rod, however, casting feels mucho different; however, retrieving was great, only the part of my hand I wanted on the rod is in contact. Decision, keep the rod as is and finish it.

Fishing continues with no bites, then I notice shad near the boat. Hoping to catch me a striper today I quickly broke into action. Filled a livewell, using a bucket, then looked for cast net. Fortunately the small ones the kids used to use was the only one in the boat, way to prepare. I grab it thinking I might get one and notice the crank bait that is caught in the net, way to prepare. I spend the next half hour or so untangling the net and begin to throw it.

This yielded absolutely zero shad, however, in the casting I caught the bass above, I wear a size 10 shoe. I didn’t count that, but I didn’t really get skunked either. Anyway, I will head out to catch fish soon, but it was a good day on the water. Spring is in the air and the fever is getting higher. Good luck out there.



16 March 2014

The race is in town and the rain is coming down, I figured it was a perfect time to wet a line. Sorry about the rhyming but sometimes I am a lyrical master. Anyway, a break in the rain came which brought initial disappointment, thinking other anglers would take advantage of this, but after church I heading to the South Holston River.

I started fishing about a mile or so up from Webb’s Bridge, there was plenty of space available today. I still had not tied up any flies, but thought it would be nice just to get out for a bit. As I was getting ready at the truck I noticed a lot of top water activity. My hope was blue-winged olive that was the exact size of the one that I had in my box, but as I got closer they just looked small.

I tried a couple of things including the blue-winged olive but that one was just getting refusals, I tie a bad fly apparently. Well I got out my one Griffith’s Gnat that was way too big at the Weir Dam. I made a few cast and low and behold the rainbow above took it. I see many fish hitting and miss a few then a brown that was of a length that I have never caught jumped out of the water. It was nice and I thought I’m gonna catch that one.

As you can see from above, I did not land the big one, but I will be back, but I did manage to land that brown above. This was a really nice one, at least for me. In releasing this brown, my forceps destroy the one and only Griffith’s Gnat that I had. I attempted a few other flies but no bites. The wind was blowing, the rain started, and I decided it had been a good day on the river. The gnat was working for me that day and I only wish I had been more prepared. But that was not bad for about an hour of fishing. May the warmer weather make its way to East Tennessee.




09 March 2014

So far the journal entries for 2014 have been far and few in between. In short and without much detail, the family illnesses are still running wild here and I have not had much opportunity to get out. This has been more than ok as I had state previously, I am venturing back into rod building. I got into it initially because it was the only way I could get my hands on a G Loomis rod due to the wallet. Well, Loomis is not allowing their blanks to be sold now, so I ventured into other blanks.

Side note: The pics above were selected prior to epoxy of wording due to these pics turned out better due to reflection  on pics after epoxy.

It has been about 15 years since I have built a rod and I thought I would put up a few pics of the first one. I still have more practice to do and I am making them for friends that like looks but are a little more interested in function as opposed to appearance. The first one turned out good, I lost my line just a little in the weaving of the the words, a little to the left it runs, but other than that, it looks pretty sweet. I attribute the butt cap idea to my son, thanks bud, that looks great. The pics are above hope you enjoy. I have another that I need to epoxy, probably won’t share the weave work for that one but will share a pic or two. The daughter has one that I will glue the cork on tonight, she has done the reeming of the cork. The butt cap on hers is going to be pretty great.

No worries, the boat is working great, I broke it in kinda last week, only reached 4400 rpms. With that said, I will get out fishing real soon, the illnesses will hopefully slow down in the very near future. Let me know what you think of the rod.