April Journal 2014


17 April 2014

Mercy it has been a while, my apologies to the seven readers of the journal. So far, 2014 is a year that our family will not forget. We have had many issues with medical and have been limited on when and if we can get out to the lake. We have done a bit of bank fishing, but finally we have gotten out on the boat. As you can tell from the pics above, the boat has been repaired, boom, things are looking up.

Anyway, this wasn’t our first trip, but this is the first opportunity to write one up, so let me just say, the last two weekends, we have gotten skunked at the Davis Marina area. We did get a few striper bites, one broke off and the other two we didn’t get a hook set. However, in a desperation move we put on a green fly and caught a crappie, so not necessarily skunked, but not the fish we were initially after.

Thursday came and I got off work early so when my partner got out of school, the yard was mowed (most fishermen have yards and not lawns) and we headed to the lake. This time we put in behind the airport, Misty Waters area. We caught shad in the very back of Candy Creek, and my partner got a net full, she was thrilled.

We headed to the Dam hoping that the hybrids had moved down that way. With the bait in the tanks, we put out a flat line, a down line 15′, and we were flipping shad toward the bank. This works at certain times of the year, hoping this was the time. We fished a few hours and caught what you see above, a couple smallies and a catfish. Then the daughter said she wanted to try bass fishing.

The wind had picked up and we headed toward teh boat ramp. I gave her a small watermelon copper crawl tube, it don’t get hung up and it usually gets a lot of hits. What she learned was she needs to jerk when she thinks it might be a hit, not just say, I think I got a bite. And that bass fishing might be a good time.

It was a good day, time on the water with a great fishing buddy and we even caught a few fish. Lord willing, I will head out to the lake tomorrow, I need to find a few stripers. Hope everyone has a great Easter weekend and take time to remember that we are celebrating the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus the Savior. Have a great weekend and God bless.