October Journal 2013


 19 Oct 2013

I apologize for slacking on the journal, but the opportunities have been limited lately due to the pace of life. Getting to work a little overtime which may help when the boat gets fixed, maybe I can keep it. Anyway, Saturday came and I decided to go wet a line. The generating schedule was favorable and I had tied up some bead head hairs ear’s, not sure if that’s the name but it is what I am calling them. I head toward the Dam to try to catch a few little trout and hoping to get a nice one.

Upon the first cast I get one, man what an awesome day this will be, I pull it in and it has gotten hold of my red egg that is a trailer to the above pattern. I let the little feller go and continue fishing this spot for an hour. Now by this spot I mean in the general vicinity, I tend to walk around a little trying areas all around where I am located. In this one hour period I land one more on the egg and miss more fish than I can count on my hand. I am really going to have to break down and get a strike indicator because apparently watching my line move or going on feeling is limiting my catching. I hooked up with and lost quite a few more and it was a fun hour. I see my little honey hole open up and begin to get to the bank to head toward it, by the time I get there the open door had closed.

This was an opportunity for me to head to uncharted waters. Typically this lends itself to me getting skunked but hey I already had a couple of photos. So I head down stream and see an area where you have to walk a piece after parking. I pulled the truck off the road and headed to new waters. There was current in some deeper holes and I began to fish a bit. After about a half hour I had considered giving up, but then tied on the green weenie. I hit the deep hole a time or two and then I get one. This was not a big fish, but don’t tell him that, he fought rather well which I am assuming the current helped a bit. To my surprise I removed the hook from the fish and he had taken the hairs ear. I fish this spot a while long missing a total of about 3, one of which I actually hooked but apparently he was not in the mood for a pic. All in all it was a good day, a lot of bites, caught three, hooked up on a few and released prior to getting to me. The clock was ticking toward 11:30 and the Vols were getting ready for a game. I packed it up and headed to the house.

The weather is cooling off and most of the journal will be trout related over the next few months. If you have any fishing adventures to share or fish pics, email us at: If the story is family friendly, we’ll post it on here. Hope everyone had a great weekend, God bless.



06 October 2013

September I was not able to do much writing, October was looking the same. To offer up my excuse for not consuming your time with my ramblings, the boat is in the shop which puts me on the river. The boat will go up for sale when I get it back, at least that is the plan. My son lost a wheel bearing, which included replacing everything from the axle to wheel. I am not a mechanic, however, after seeing the price of the estimate, I became one. I had to cut off a caliper bracket bolt, so other than waiting till Monday when junkyards open, I am stuck. This offered up a couple of hours on the South Holston River today.

My last fly fishing trip ended using a bead head hare’s ear with a green weenie as a trailer (dropper) not really sure what to call it. Anyhow, after just a few cast, I catch one on the hare’s ear. As time passes, I am getting a lot of bites, my assumption is the hare’s ear, then I land one. The green weenie gets bit and every fish after this is on the green weenie.

I fish for about 2 hours and in that time frame I catch 6. I hook at least that many that get off prior to me getting a pic. One of them burnt my fingers with the fly line, not sure if it pulled real hard or I did. The bites I got were way too many to count for the day. I had switched out the green weenie one time and replaced with a worm (brown). I got about 4 hits on this but caught nothing, then went back to old faithful.

It was a great day of fishing on the river. I will apologize for the pics, but I had gone alone and taking these pics are not easy in the middle of the river, it’s just a matter of time before I drop my phone in the water.  If you get out and catch a few, send us a pic at