November Journal 2012


   24 Nov 2012

Yesterday I was hit with a problem, this is the Vols final game till next year, and it will feel like a long time waiting for the season to begin, or do I go to the river. This group of seniors have been through a great deal and they have my utmost respect. I decided that I would split the time, I watched the first half, got ready, turned on the radio and headed to the river.

This was to be an exploring trip with a hope for fish being caught. When I arrive at the new area for me, I make a couple of cast and right off the bat I catch that small brown above. Excitement is whipping the chill from the weather and get 4 or 5 more hits. They seemed small and I did not get a hook set and the chill begins to get the best of the excitement.

I move around to the sunny area, but didn’t get bit for a while. I have thrown most of my arsenal, midges and such, the catch was on the green weenie. I go back to that pattern and head down stream.

When I get down stream a good piece away, I start again. I see a trout check out my green weenie, I swear I think he laughed, but he did not bite. I try a little longer and then the nice brown above was caught. No he was not huge, but much bigger than the first. The sun is setting and I decide that the breakfast I had eaten is now completely out of my system and I am ready to eat.

The day ended with catching two, a lot of walking, a little chill, and a smile. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving week, now time to go back to work. Don’t forget to check out our affiliate’s for your Cyber week of savings. This will help us to keep the site running. Sorry, had to do a shameless pitch. May God bless you.


Happy Thanksgiving from

Thanksgiving is here and I wanted to take a minute and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I need to take a minute and share with you some of the things that I am thankful for in my life. First and foremost I am thankful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, with Him all things are possible.

I must also express my thanks for my family, my beautiful wife and wonderful kids, who are not so young any more. They endure a great deal having to put up with me and I love them very much. Also I want to express my love and thankfulness to my entire family, they have meant so very much to me in my life.

Finally, so as not to make this a novel, thanks to all of our contributors for their great fishing reports. This takes great effort on their part and I would encourage everyone to contact them, thank them, and use their services. Also our readers, thank you very much. My hope is that this website will help our anglers to catch more fish. Will help increase the services to our contributors and that I can make enough to at least pay for the yearly fees.

I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.



         21 Nov 2012

This week has been pretty good. I have gotten to fish quite a few times due to taking vacation during Thanksgiving week. I have not written every experience up due to family bonding and just making this a little bit of a less technological week.

This morning I went to the South Holston River. Randy Ratliff has given a great fishing report, but I typically move onto the road less traveled and try different stuff. I am not sure why I find this enjoyable, but I tend to enjoy using things other folks typically do not use.

Today I got some hits, hooked a few that got off the line, and landed a few as you can see above. The two flies that I had all activity while using were the Griffith’s Gnat and the Green Weenie. The green weenie appears to work best when there is a current and you can throw it almost on the bank. I have found success with this little thing up at the Dam and down about halfway.

Currently I am experimenting with this color and pattern of fly. If I can find success with it, I will post a pic, however, I will not post it just yet so that many do not make a mockery out of my imagination and fly tying inabilities. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week and try to send us some fish pics, God bless.


          16 Nov 2012

I had a little time on Friday so I thought I would head up to the South Holston River. When I arrived, the crowd was not at the bridge. I decided I would try to catch one or two to prevent a skunking, then head out walking. I started with a size 20 zebra midge and within a few cast, caught the small rainbow above. Now this wasn’t a wall hanger, but sure beats a zero for the day. I switched over to a green weenie as an experiment and shortly after, I hooked the brown above. I got a few more bites on the green weenie then decided to head down stream.

My intentions were to go to the end of the trail and try fishing down there somewhere. I walked to close to the end and noticed that it was so packed, fishing would have been too tight. So I headed back up. I come to a little clearing and a doe is standing, staring me down. I slowly reach for my camera phone attempting to take a picture. The doe was patient and allowed me to get this pic, sorry but the phone is only so good.

I eventually drive down stream and fish for just a bit longer, finishing the day with two fish and many hits. It was a beautiful day, sun was shining bright, and the air was cool. With next week being Thanksgiving, I am hoping to get a couple more days of fishing on the river or lake. Let us know how your fishing is going, send us a pic of your catch:



03 Nov 2012

The morning began with me checking the water problems that I thought were resolved but apparently were not. Not much I could do about this, I am going to have to call someone and this is not going to be something good, I am considering selling my SeaArk ZX 180, but we will see. I then head out to watch daughter practice basketball then get home just after the Tennessee game starts.

I make it till halftime and decide that my time would be better spent going to the South Holston River. Truth is my time would have been even better spent here at the house working, but I didn’t get on the water last week and withdraws had begun to take effect.

I get to the bridge at the Dam and see a gentleman down past where I was wanting to fish. I whistle to get his attention and ask him if he is going to be moving up and if it would be alright for me to fish here. He said it was fine and seemed appreciative of the etiquette. So I venture over to my little honey hole and start the day with the green weenie. I get quite a few hits and then finally I catch one. It is the smallest of the above pics, but I am feeling pretty good. I decide to start changing flies and go through quite a few. I did get a bite or two in all of the changing, but decided to go back to green weenie, I just like that one really well.

I start casting toward smoother water, there is still a decent current that requires me to continually retrieve my fly, but the water is pretty smooth. I cast and there is a strike similar to a bass hitting a top water plug, this is not a top water fly. This is a pretty good little trout and I make a cast or two. As I am retrieving, a good size wave forms moving toward my fly, I set the hook and the fight commences. As I reach for my net and get it in my hand, the fish gets off the hook.

I repeat this process, hooking a nice one, but not getting to see it, hooking another grabbing my net and it getting off. I eventually land one more and then after changing to another green weenie due to my being ruined due to the fish. The next green weenie gets a few hits, and the tail is gone and the fly is ruined. I fish a little while longer, out of my favorite bait and getting no more hits, I decide it is time to go home.

I get home, get the Eton 90 4 wheeler running, it will go on the sale market soon, then help wife with the supper. It was a great day, the Vols won, fish were caught, and supper was good. Hope the fishing is good to you this November and I hope I have a lot of opportunities to write something up. Have a great week and God bless.

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