Try the Ned Rig by Josh Morris


Try the Ned Rig

With all the commotion on social media about the Ned rig I guess I’ll jump in and give my two cents.  First off what in the world is a Ned rig?  Very simply put it’s a crappie jig with a piece of a stick worm on it.  It absolutely will fill the boat!

Now to be a bit more technical I like the 1/4 ounce mushroom head and I use the TRD worm by zman.  The elazatech is tuff and you get a lot if fish off one worm.  Fish this rig on light line I like 8 to 10 lb test.  A lot of folks like spinning gear but I do just as well with casting equipment.

I really don’t think you can fish this thing wrong.  I have a few methods I really like for the fall.  If they are on walls I will cast parallel and let it fall back to me on a semi slack line.  Most important thing here is to watch your line for a tick and then don’t set the hook hard.  It’s more like a Carolina rig or a crank bait just let it load as the jig has a light wire hook.

Secondly if you find some stick ups or a slide fish the Ned vertically.  As the rig is falling to the bottom periodically stop it’s decent with your thumb and give it a small jerk or lift.  Then let it go on to the bottom.  If you don’t get bit real up and repeat.  Doing this is usually going to produce schooling spots and once they fire up it is on until you catch them out.

Thirdly and I do this on points or roll off or stair step type banks is to cast and fish it with a drag hop cadence.  This can sometimes produce some big bites as the fish are pressured and can become finicky. Just fish it like a jig or soft plastic and be ready for the bite.  Again with all Ned techniques watch your line because fish will swallow the entire thing fast.

This is the perfect co angler bait as it is going to attract the less aggressive fish and help you get a limit from the back of the boat.  Heck it will get a limit from the front too. Go out get a Ned rig and play with it.  You will catch fish.

Good luck and God Bless,