Throw What You Know by Josh Morris


Throw What You Know

I have the opportunity to fish a new lake later this month.  It can be a daunting task preparing for the unknown.  I think most people tend to over analyze a new body of water.  Questions that always seem to perplex fishermen what’s the hot bait,  where are the fish holding, what’s the water temperature, what type of structure.  Just to name a few.  Then it hit me today while talking to a buddy about fishing new water. KISS keep it simple stupid!

I do think we give fish way too much credit.  They want food and cover.  Much like men they aren’t that hard to figure out. Of course try telling that to a tournament angler or a woman and you will get scoffed at. They have seasonal patterns that can be affected by water temperature length of day and weather.  Hey if you know where they are in their seasonal pattern fish what you have confidence in.  In my opinion confidence in a lure helps more than anything.  If you know it will work most times it will produce.  This doesn’t mean not to change up or tweak what you are doing.  It doesn’t mean don’t learn new techniques.  It does mean to go with what you know best especially to start of on new water.  Don’t second guess using what like to throw, providing  it will fit the conditions. In closing I hope I can remember to take my own advice and throw what I know.  I hope this can help some of you to calm the new lake jitters.  God Bless you all and thanks for reading.