The Spawn is Fast Approaching by Josh Morris


The Spawn is Fast Approaching


As the weather begins to hint that spring is around the corner we all have a tendency to get cabin fever.  We want to be outside.  We crave the sun and warm breeze on our face.  The longer hours of daylight and warming trends have a similar effect on fish.

They have a metabolic change just around the corner.  The spawn is approaching, and approaching fast.  To this fish this means that they are hungry.  They will begin the pilgrimage to their favorite spawning areas. One of my go to presentations when this begins is to throw a crank bait.  The water will dictate the color.  There are many different ways to present the bait.  I have found throwing one that gets down and ticks the bottom or a rock or stump is the best.  So match the bait to the depth you are fishing.

The main thing is where to look.  Well again this depends on the body of water.  On Barren River Lake in KY go to the mouths of the creeks.  I start on the first flats I come to.  I throw and reel with a steady retrieve.  Long points are good staging areas too. The retrieve can vary find what works for you.  This is important you must have a fairly soft sensitive rod.  I love the Gloomis IMX rod for this, and a Slow geared Shimano reel.  Work the flats and pockets working your way into the creek.  Feel the bait and concentrate.  Remember what you were doing and what the bait was doing when the fish hits.  Look at the color of the fish have they been up very long? Look in the throat is there any forage in it?  Put him in the live well see if it throws up some forage.  Match the hatch and you will do better. When you find some fish it is a good idea to have a jig tied on to drag through them as well.  These fish will reload.  Something is making them stop there.  You can also follow them once you get on them as they move up to spawn.

I went to Cumberland yesterday but got there just as high pressure pushed the clouds out.  It was a beautiful day but only one fish.  Tough conditions make you a better fisherman.  That is how I look at days like yesterday.  Always learn and it was a success!

Get on the water folks and find some fish!  I Hope all of you have a blessed spring, and year.