Pickwick Lake Fishing Story by Clagett Talley


Lisa Adkins called me 3 years ago wanting to go fishing.  She was having serious issues to deal with in life and according to her, at an all time low. But it was hard for me to tell because she responded so well to my humor and even better as soon as she started catching fish. I think the whole experience of being on the water and catching fish masked what ever problems she was having. She thought a fishing trip would help her because some of her best memories were fishing with her dad. She booked several trips immediately after.  Our most recent trip was Sunday, May 10th ( Mothers Day). Fishing in the Tennessee River in the Pickwick Dam area. Within 15 minuets we caught a big catfish, a striper that weighed over 20 pounds, a sauger and a nice smallmouth.  We continued to catch a mixed bag  like that for the next 5 hours. Everything we caught was on a Strike King Series 3 Series 3XD, a bait that is marketed for crappie but has such great colors I knew smallmouth bass would love it. I have also used the bright colored crankbaits to target sauger this time of year. The good thing is everything in the river seemed to love it! We also caught several white bass and bluegill. Lisa’s enjoying life now and she’s already eager to go again.

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