Getting Back to the Basics by Josh Morris


Getting back to basics.

I think we all have inside us the inherited urge to hunt, fish, and gather.  I really think that is what drives women to enjoy shopping it satisfies that primal need to search out the best for their family’s while enjoying the company of friends or family. The same with men, whether it be an outing to a sports venue or in the outdoors with friends.  It provides the primal need for community, fellowship and seeking the adrenalin of a hard hit ball or the thrill of feeling a tell tell tink on a Jig.

This week my Son Lane and I did something we had neglected to do in the past couple of years.  With being consumed with work, sponsorships, tournaments, and research for fishing reports we have stayed on the Lake.  Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of that, fishing for bass will always be my passion.  But we went to what Lane called as a child big creek.

Big Creek is in Barren County KY and we wade and fish for what ever will hit a rooster tail.  When Lane was small we would go almost every Monday in the summer as he could swim hunt for crawfish, lizards, and snakes, along with fishing a bit. We called these trips man day Monday’s. I really think these man day Monday’s molded him into the fine outdoorsman he is.  It also made him fall in love with nature.  He is 13 years old and I could not ask for a better hunting or fishing partner, or kid for that matter.

Yesterday I said how about going to big creek Monday?  He said yeah that sounds fun.  So about 11 o’clock we hit it Monday morning.  However this time he had his fly rod and a small box of flies in tow.  I have never fly fished and know very little about it.  He has taught himself to tie flies and fish a bit.  It was amazing to see how his approach has changed over the last couple of years.  He worked hard at catching fish, he is a young man now and it has been a wonderful journey.  Now he still watched the creek and read the signs as in look this is a craw fish molt.  Or watch the King fisher over there.  He would see fish coming up and zoom past me to offer a fly.

So I think getting back to basics and hitting a small body of water was something we should have never stopped doing.  We caught a ton of fish with the nicest being a 1.5 pound small mouth, which is super fun on ultra light tackle and 4# test.  If you have a creek near by that has some waist deep holes in it do your self a favor get a Shimano seinna reel and a ultra light Shimano rod, some rooster tails and hit the creek.  The fish may not be big but the memories and what you learn will be priceless. God Bless!