Einstein Defined Insanity by Josh Morris


Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  This is not always the case when fishing.  One has to try and try and try again before learning a technique.  Trial and error will make you a better fisherman.  Now certain conditions call for certain approaches and if any one person had the answers all the time they would be a multi billionaire as no one could beat them ever.
This is why I say it is very important to learn one thing and learn it well.  This does not mean that is all you can do,  it means when it gets tuff I can pick up this and feel like I can catch fish.  I have a few confidence baits.  First and foremost is a soft plastic be it Texas rigged, c rigged, or on a shakey head.  My next if I need a kicker is a jig.  Then if I just need to cover water and find fish, in my book the red eye shad is king.  The genre I have the least amount of faith in is top water.  I have put some great fish in the boat this year on top water.  It isn’t my go to but when conditions call for it I throw it.

Fishing a bait you are not completely confident in is a whole new type of confidence and one that can only come from experience.  The only way to gain this is get out and cast.  It helps to have someone to show you and help you if you have questions.  Folks ask anyone who knows me I have no secrets.  Email and ask me I will tell you, and even take you and show you.  I have fished with two great guys in the last two weeks simply because they read my report and emailed me.  Both of these great men I consider friends now.

In closing I know fishing can be frustrating, remember I fish a few days a week and sometimes I blank.  This is why it’s called fishing and not catching.  I encourage each of you not to get discouraged, you didn’t learn to ride a bike in a day nor did Lance Armstrong the only way to get better is practice.  My apologies to Alan Iverson.  So get out fish, ask people who do fish and don’t get discouraged we have all had ruff times on the water.
God Bless.